This page brings together relevant information relating to the history of AFC Rushden & Diamonds.

Club History

AFC Rushden & Diamonds History

Honours Board

R&DFC History

UCL 2012-15 Newsletters and Review


Diamonds Staff History

Diamonds Staff History

Overall Player Stats


Senior Team History

2017-18 Results and Reports (SL1E) 

2016-17 Results and Reports (NPL1S)

2015-16 Results and Reports (SL1C)

2014-15 Results and Reports (UCL Premier)

2013-14 Results and Reports (UCL Premier)

2014-15 Player and Match Stats

2013-14 Player and Match Stats

U21 Team History

2017-18 U21 Results and Reports

2016-17 U21 Results and Reports

2015-16 U21 Results and Reports

2014-15 U21 Results and Reports

2013-14 U21 Results and Reports 


2016-17 U21 Player and Match Stats

2015-16 U21 Player and Match Stats

2014-15 U21 Player and Match Stats

2013-14 U21 Player and Match Stats


U18 Team History

2017-18 U18 Results and Reports

2016-17 U18 Results and Reports

2015-16 U18 Results and Reports

2014-15 U18 Results and Reports

2013-14 U18 Results and Reports

2013-14 U18 Player and Match Stats

Ladies Team History

2012-13 Results and Reports



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