The Southern Football League has published a provisional fixture calendar for the forthcoming 2015/16 season. Although the SL1C fixture list is not due to be published until 9am on Thursday 16th July, the league has detailed the 42 dates reserved for league fixtures in the first instance, aligned to various cup dates.

This information has been filtered as it applies to the SL1C and is outlined on the Fixture News page, accompanied by a link to a skeleton fixture calendar, which also shows the Diamonds pre-season campaign and anticipated possible cup dates.

The round dates for the FA Cup and FA Trophy can be found on the FA Website here. The Diamonds expect to enter the FA Cup at the Preliminary Round stage (29th August) and the FA Trophy also at the Preliminary Round stage (3rd October). The draw for these early rounds was made on 4th July last season, so a similar date may be expected for the forthcoming season.

The Southern League Knock-Out Cup is known as the Red Insure Cup, and is a heavily regionalised competition involving teams from the Premier Division and the two regions of Division One from the outset. The Preliminary Round of this competition will be held in week commencing 7th Sept 2015, and those teams given a bye in that round will enter in the First Round in week commencing 12th October.

The Diamonds will also be competing in the Northants FA Hillier Senior Cup, with the draw for that competition not expected until the middle of August.



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