AFC caught up with manager Andy Peaks to see how the summer break was going.


Have you recovered from the Play off and Hiller cup finals yet?

Yes I think so, obviously the play off final defeat hurt, and still does, being so close, although the Hiller Cup final ensured the season finished on a fantastic high. It showed just how far the team and the club has come in a short space of time.


There seems to be a lot of comings and goings around our level of football at the moment, but we have been very quiet. Is there any particular reason for that?

Well it certainly hasn’t been quiet for me, I don’t think I have stopped since the end of the season talking to the board, the existing players and potential new ones. However nobody can actually put pen to paper until 1st July so we felt it would be better to announce all our summer business after our signing on day on 2nd July.


Some players have announced via social media that they are joining other clubs, but we haven’t seen any announce they are joining us – how is the squad shaping up?

It seems to be the way now that players/clubs and managers want to announce things as soon as they can, however, as I mentioned earlier, no one actually signs anything until 1st July. That said there will be some players leaving, and there will be some joining too. Some have already committed and there are others that I will look at during pre season. I am looking for players at the club with the right attitude, and who want to develop with the club, and I think I am getting there with the squad now.


What are your thoughts on playing in the Northern Premier League First Division next season?

It will be similar to last season in respect of the fact that it’s a new league, with new places to visit, plus new teams and players to find out about. I’ve been told that it’s a bit more physical, but we shall see. I am looking to use scouting a bit more this season, which will hopefully get us up to speed with the opposition a bit quicker. I certainly think we will be competitive and I can’t wait to get the season started.




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