DateKick OffVOpponentCompetitionResultScorersAtt.Match Report
July 2012
Saturday 14th3:00pmHWellingborough TownFriendlyC-C   Match Off
Tuesday 17th7:45pmH*Crawley GreenFriendlyW 3-0Okechukwu, Ellwood, Taylor100Here
Saturday 21st2:00pmASt Neots TownFriendlyD 3-3Brady, Ellwood, Wisniewski286Here
Tuesday 24th7:45pmAHolwell SportsFriendlyW 3-0Morgan, Ellwood, Dent100Here
Friday 27th7:30pmHPeterborough United XIFriendlyW 4-0Taylor 2, Hope, Dent441Here
Tuesday 31st7:45pmHBuckingham AthleticFriendlyW 2-0Morgan, Taylor214Here
August 2012
Friday 3rd7:30pmHLuton Town XIFriendlyL 1-3 Ellwood346Here
Tuesday 7th7:45pmALong BuckbyFriendlyD 0-0 100Here
Saturday 11th3:00pmALutterworth AthleticFriendlyD 2-2Morgan (pen), Deakin150Here
Saturday 18th3:00pmHThrapston TownUCL Div 1W 3-0Taylor 2, Wisniewski784Here
Saturday 25th3:00pmAWootton Blue CrossUCL Div 1D 1-1Taylor384Here
September 2012
Saturday 1st3:00pmAHarrowby UnitedUCL Div 1W 3-0Taylor 2, Gilsenan280Here
Saturday 8th3:00pmAOlney TownUCL Div 1W 1-0Taylor513Here
Saturday 15th3:00pmHFakenham TownFA Carlsberg Vase 2nd Round QualifyingW 4-1Taylor 2, Wisniewski, Newman605Here
Tuesday 18th7:45pmHWellingborough WhitworthUCL KO Cup Prelim RoundW 5-3 (aet)Newman 2, Wisniewski 2, Ellwood369 Here
Saturday 22nd3:00pmARothwell CorinthiansUCL Div 1W 4-2Ellwood, Gilsenan, Taylor 2353 Here
Saturday 29th3:00pmHWellingborough WhitworthLes Underwood Junior County CupL 1-3 (aet)Gillingwater518Here
October 2012
Saturday 6th3:00pmARushden & Higham UnitedUCL Div 1W 4-0Taylor, Merrill, Wisniewski, Campion (o.g.)1,157Here
Saturday 13th3:00pmAYaxleyFA Carlsberg Vase First Round ProperW 2-1Ellwood, Morgan350Here
Saturday 20th3:00pmHBurton Park WanderersUCL Div 1D 1-1Wisniewski693Here
Tuesday 23rd7:45pmHBugbrooke St MichaelsUCL Div 1D 1-1 Morgan383Here
Saturday 27th3:00pmAEynesbury RoversUCL Div 1L 1-4Newman 452 Here
November 2012
Saturday 3rd3:00pmAWellingborough TownUCL KO Cup Round 1D 2-2 (aet)

L 3-4 (pens)

Newman, Morgan538Here
Tuesday 6th7:45pmHRaunds TownUCL Div 1W 3-0Gearing, Newman, Hope399Here
Saturday 10th3:00pmHHarrowby UnitedUCL Div 1W 3-2Morgan 2, Newman569Here
Saturday 17th3:00pmHBasford UnitedFA Carlsberg Vase Second Round ProperW 5-3Newman, Morgan 2, Gillingwater, Wisniewski558Here
Saturday 24th3:00pmHWootton Blue CrossUCL Div 1P-P  Match Off
December 2012
Saturday 1st3:00pmANorthampton SpencerUCL Div 1P-P  Match Off
Saturday 8th3:00pmAAshingtonFA Carlsberg Vase Third Round ProperL 1-2Newman444Here
Saturday 15th3:00pmABuckingham TownUCL Div 1W 9-0Newman (2), Gillingwater, Deakin (2), Gearing, McBride, Allen, Hope416Here
Saturday 22nd3:00pmABugbrooke St MichaelsUCL Div 1P-P  Match Off
Wednesday 26th3:00pmHWellingborough WhitworthUCL Div 1P-P  Match Off
Saturday 29th3:00pmHNorthampton SpencerUCL Div 1P-P  Match Off
January 2013
Tuesday 1st3:00pmHNorthampton SpencerUCL Div 1W 2-1 Newman 2584Here
Saturday 5th3:00pmAOadby TownUCL Div 1L 1-5 Taylor511Here
Tuesday 8th7:45pmHRushden & Higham UtdUCL Div 1W 1-0 Taylor559Here
Saturday 12th3:00pmHNorthampton ON ChenecksUCL Div 1W 2-0McBride, Lauskinieks (o.g.)561Here
Saturday 19th3:00pmARaunds TownUCL Div 1P-P   Match Off
Tuesday 22nd7:45pmHPotton UnitedUCL Div 1P-P   Match Off
Saturday 26th3:00pmHNorthampton Sileby RangersUCL Div 1P-P   Match Off
February 2013
Saturday 2nd3:00pmHWootton Blue CrossUCL Div 1W 5-0Deakin, Newman (3), Dent457Here
Tuesday 5th7:45pmHBuckingham TownUCL Div 1W 3-0Newman, Wisniewski, King342Here
Saturday 9th2:30pmANorthampton ON ChenecksUCL Div 1P-P   Match Off
Saturday 16th2:30pmABurton Park WanderersUCL Div 1W 4-0Newman, Taylor (3)567Here
Tuesday 19th7:45pmHOlney TownUCL Div 1W 1-0Gearing395Here
Saturday 23rd3:00pmABourne TownUCL Div 1W 2-1Gillingwater, Newman256Here
Tuesday 26th7:45pmANorthampton Sileby RangersUCL Div 1W 1-0Deakin361Here
March 2013
Saturday 2nd3:00pmAThrapston TownUCL Div 1W 5-1Deakin, Gearing, Wisniewski, Taylor, Allen417Here
Tuesday 5th7:45pmHPotton UnitedUCL Div 1W 1-0Wisniewski351Here
Saturday 9th3:00pmABugbrooke St MichaelsUCL Div 1W 3-0King, Wisniewski, Allen350Here
Tuesday 12th7:45pmHEynesbury RoversUCL Div 1P-P  Match Off
Saturday 16th3:00pmWellingborough WhitworthUCL Div 1 P-P  Match Off
Tuesday 19th7:45pmHNorthampton Sileby RangersUCL Div 1D 2-2Deakin, Taylor554Here
Saturday 23rd        
Tuesday 26th7:45pmHRothwell CorinthiansUCL Div 1W 2-1Wisniewski, Allen319Here
Saturday 30th3:00pmHOadby TownUCL Div 1D 2-2TaylorKing827Here
April 2013
Easter Monday 1st3:00pmAWellingborough WhitworthUCL Div 1W 3-1Wisniewski, Newman (2)581Here
Saturday 6th3:00pmANorthampton ON ChenecksUCL Div 1W 2-1Deakin, Hope448Here
Saturday 13th3:00pmHBourne TownUCL Div 1W 5-2Taylor (2), Wisniewski, Newman, Allen570Here
Saturday 20th3:00pmARaunds TownUCL Div 1W 4-0Taylor, Morgan, McBride, Newman560Here
Tuesday 23rd7:45pmHEynesbury RoversUCL Div 1D 2-2Allen, Brown759Here
Saturday 27th3:00pmAPotton UnitedUCL Div 1W 2-0Newman (2)514Here
Tuesday 30th7:45pmHWellingborough WhitworthUCL Div 1W 4-1Brown, Newman (pen), Wisniewski, Morgan689Here
May 2013
Saturday 4th3:00pmANorthampton SpencerUCL Div 1W 3-0Hope, Gearing, Deakin814Here

Note * = Switched to be played at Crawley Green.

Remaining UCL fixtures to be arranged: None.