DateKick OffVOpponentCompetitionResultScorersAtt.Details
July 2017
Saturday 15th3:00pmHBarwell FCDale Roberts Memorial CupD 2-2

W 6-5 (pens)

O.G., Dolman297Here
Wednesday 19th7:45pmHNorthampton TownFriendlyW 2-0Farrell, Lorraine807Here
Saturday 22nd3:00pmHSt Ives TownFriendlyL 1-2Gyasi Here
Tuesday 25th7:45pmABrackley TownFriendlyD 2-2Fairlamb, Henbury262Here
Saturday 29th3:00pmARushden & Higham UtdChris Ruff Memorial CupW 5-1Dillon (3), Fairlamb, Farrell336Here
August 2017
Wednesday 2nd7:45pmHWinslow UnitedFriendlyW 4-2Gyasi, Lorraine, Dillon (2)103Here
Friday 4th7:45pmACorby TownFriendlyD 1-1Punter246Here
Saturday 12th3:00pmHHanwell TownEVO-STIK League South, EastW 2-0Shariff (2)610Here
Tuesday 15th7:45pmAThame UnitedEVO-STIK League South, EastW 3-0Shariff (2), Dolman227Here
Saturday 19th3:00pmAWellingborough TownEmirates FA Cup – Preliminary RoundW 4-0Lorraine (2), Brown, Shariff513Here
Saturday 26th3:00pmHFleet TownEVO-STIK League South, EastW 7-1Shariff (2), Smith (3), Dolman (pen), Hoban540Here
Bank Holiday Monday 28th3:00pmAKempston RoversEVO-STIK League South, EastD 1-1Gyasi482Here
September 2017
Saturday 2nd3:00pmATividale FCEmirates FA Cup – First Round QualifyingW 3-2Shariff (3)325Here
Saturday 9th3:00pmHBeaconsfield TownEVO-STIK League South, EastL 1-2Smith429Here
Saturday 16th3:00pmAMarlow FCEVO-STIK League South, EastP-PMatch Off
Saturday 16th3:00pmAAlfreton TownEmirates FA Cup – Second Round QualifyingD 2-2Gyasi, Shariff418Here
Tuesday 19th7:45pmHWellingborough WhitworthNFA Hillier Senior Cup – First RoundP-PMatch Off
Tuesday 19th7:45pmHAlfreton TownEmirates FA Cup – Second Round Qualifying ReplayL 1-3Fairlamb609Here
Saturday 23rd3:00pmHArlesey TownEVO-STIK League South, EastD 0-0414Here
Wednesday 27th7:45pmAAFC DunstableEVO-STIK League South, EastW 3-0Brown, Bunting, Gyasi216Here
Saturday 30th3:00pmAChalfont St. Peter AFCEVO-STIK League South, EastD 2-2Gyasi, Dillon156Here
October 2017
Tuesday 3rd7:45pmHSt Neots Challenge Cup – First RoundW 1-0Dolman (pen)225Here
Saturday 7th3:00pmHKidsgrove AthleticBuildbase FA Trophy – Preliminary RoundL 1-3Lorraine430Here
Tuesday 10th7:45pmHWellingborough WhitworthNFA Hillier Senior Cup – First RoundW 3-0Shariff (2), Lorraine192Here
Saturday 14th3:00pmHEgham TownEVO-STIK League South, EastD 0-0441Here
Tuesday 17th7:45pmAMarlow FCEVO-STIK League South, EastW 4-2Farrell (2), Smith (2)136Here
Saturday 21st3:00pmAHayes & Yeading UnitedEVO-STIK League South, EastL 0-1204Here
Tuesday 24th7:45pmHBarton RoversEVO-STIK League South, EastW 5-0Farrell (2), Dolman, Shariff, O.G.355Here
November 2017
Saturday 4th3:00pmHMoneyfields FCEVO-STIK League South, EastD 2-2Dolman (pen), Diamond507Here
Tuesday 7th7:45pmHWellingborough TownNFA Hillier Senior Cup – Quarter FinalW 6-1Smith (2), Robbins (3), Bell-Toxtle146Here
Saturday 11th3:00pmAUxbridge FCEVO-STIK League South, EastW 4-1Robbins (2), Lorraine (2)245Here
Tuesday 14th7:45pmHKettering Challenge Cup – Second RoundW 3-2Diamond, Gyasi (2)615Here
Wednesday 15th7:45pmAAylesbury UnitedEVO-STIK League South, EastP-PMatch Off
Saturday 18th3:00pmHNorthwood FCEVO-STIK League South, EastW 4-0Bunting, Farrell, Brown, Diamond451Here
Saturday 25th3:00pmAAshford Town (Middx)EVO-STIK League South, EastW 2-0Lorraine, Robbins203Here
Tuesday 28th7:45pmHCambridge CityEVO-STIK League South, EastW 2-0Lorraine, Gyasi421Here
December 2017
Saturday 2nd3:00pmHHartley WintneyEVO-STIK League South, EastW 2-0Robbins, Farrell483Here
Wednesday 6th7:45pmAAylesbury UnitedEVO-STIK League South, EastW 2-0Lorraine (2)141Here
Saturday 9th3:00pmAAylesbury FCEVO-STIK League South, EastP-PMatch Off
Saturday 16th3:00pmHThame UnitedEVO-STIK League South, EastP-PMatch Off
Saturday 23rd3:00pmAHanwell TownEVO-STIK League South, EastW 1-0Lorraine183Here
Boxing Day, Tuesday 26th3:00pmHKempston RoversEVO-STIK League South, EastW 3-1Robbins (3)679Here
January 2018
New Year’s Day, Monday 1st3:00pmABedford TownEVO-STIK League South, EastW 1-0Farrell590Here
Saturday 6th3:00pmHMarlow FCEVO-STIK League South, EastD 0-0453Here
Tuesday 9th7:45pmHHitchin Challenge Cup – Third RoundD 0-0

L 3-4 (pens)

Saturday 13th3:00pmAFleet TownEVO-STIK League South, EastW 4-0Farrell, Diamond, Gyasi, Fairlamb238Here
Tuesday 16th7:45pmAAylesbury FCEVO-STIK League South, EastW 4-0Lorraine, Farrell, Dolman (2)119Here
Saturday 20th3:00pmHUxbridge FCEVO-STIK League South, EastP-PMatch Off
Tuesday 23rd7:45pmHThame UnitedEVO-STIK League South, EastP-PMatch Off
Saturday 27th3:00pmAMoneyfields FCEVO-STIK League South, EastW 3-1Diamond, Lorraine, Farrell (pen)258Here
February 2018
Saturday 3rd3:00pmHAFC DunstableEVO-STIK League South, EastP-PMatch Off
Tuesday 6th7:45pmAKettering TownNFA Hillier Senior Cup – Semi-FinalD 3-3

L 4-5 (pens)

Robbins (2), Dolman309Here
Saturday 10th3:00pmAArlesey TownEVO-STIK League South, EastW 2-1Gyasi, Farrell (pen)254Here
Saturday 17th3:00pmHChalfont St. Peter AFCEVO-STIK League South, EastW 1-0Lorraine529Here
Tuesday 20th7:45pmHUxbridge FCEVO-STIK League South, EastP-PMatch Off
Saturday 24th3:00pmAEgham TownEVO-STIK League South, EastL 1-2Gyasi264Here
March 2018
Saturday 3rd3:00pmHHayes & Yeading UnitedEVO-STIK League South, EastP-PMatch Off
Tuesday 6th7:45pmHThame UnitedEVO-STIK League South, EastW 6-0Robbins (3), Gyasi, Farrell (2)334Here
Saturday 10th3:00pmABarton RoversEVO-STIK League South, EastW 2-0Lorraine, Ashton276Here
Tuesday 13th7:45pmHAFC DunstableEVO-STIK League South, EastP-PMatch Off
Saturday 17th3:00pmHAylesbury FCEVO-STIK League South, EastP-PMatch Off
Tuesday 20th7:45pmHHayes & Yeading UnitedEVO-STIK League South, EastL 0-1433Here
Saturday 24th3:00pmAHartley WintneyEVO-STIK League South, EastL 1-2Farrell269Here
Tuesday 27th7:45pmHUxbridge FCEVO-STIK League South, EastD 1-1Weir-Daley369Here
Saturday 31st3:00pmABeaconsfield TownEVO-STIK League South, EastD 1-1Robbins411Here
April 2018
Easter Monday 2nd3:00pmHBedford TownEVO-STIK League South, EastP-PMatch Off
Saturday 7th3:00pmANorthwood FCEVO-STIK League South, EastD 1-1Gyasi307Here
Tuesday 10th7:45pmHBedford TownEVO-STIK League South, EastD 0-0469Here
Saturday 14th3:00pmHAylesbury UnitedEVO-STIK League South, EastW 4-1Robbins, Weir-Daley, Curtis, Lorraine626Here
Tuesday 17th7:45pmHAFC DunstableEVO-STIK League South, EastW 1-0Farrell (pen)452Here
Saturday 21st3:00pmACambridge CityEVO-STIK League South, EastW 1-0Gyasi486Here
Tuesday 24th7:45pmHAylesbury FCEVO-STIK League South, EastW 7-1Farrell (3), Gyasi, Dolman, Diamond (2)546Here
Saturday 28th3:00pmHAshford Town (Middx)EVO-STIK League South, EastW 1-0Farrell (pen)978Here


EVO-STIK League South, East fixtures to be arranged:

Details of fixtures amendments will be detailed here once they have been officially confirmed.

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