AFC R&D Fans Survey 2016 – Summary of Responses

At the start of 2016, AFC Rushden & Diamonds invited their fans to provide their thoughts about the club, and the various responses are detailed on this page. 71 surveys were returned at the Open Forum on Jan 27th, and 77 surveys were completed online.
Please note that the question regarding volunteering led to positive response from people wanting to get involved. If any of those people did not leave contact details with the survey it would be appreciated if you could email Stacey Hawkins ( with your details, or liaise with her on a match day.


AFC Rushden & Diamonds Supporter Survey 2016

Question 1. What is your age?

  • 4          Under 18
  • 14       18 to 24
  • 24       25 to 34
  • 18       35 to 44
  • 18       45 to 54
  • 31       55 to 64
  • 32       65 to 74
  • 6       75 or older
  •  0      Rather not say


Question 2. Are you a season ticket holder or member? Please tick all that apply

  • 57    Season ticket holder
  • 58    Not a season ticket holder
  • 80    Member
  • 42   Not a member


Question 3. Have you been to more or less 1st team games this season compared to this time last season?

  • 51    More
  • 23     Less

Why have you been to more or less games?

Same – 24
More – better league/new grounds to go to/more time available/no holidays/better health/better standard of football
Less – too much travelling/won’t drive near London/busy


Question 4. Are you happy with the progress the Club is making?

  • 125   Yes
  • 3        No
  • 2        Don’t know

If no, what would you like to see the Club improve?

2 did not answer

Brilliant leadership from Committee/superb management on the pitch/doing brilliantly.

Too many committee members enjoying the perks of hospitality who don’t seem to do much.

Ground facilities/toilets on stand side/more seating

Sack Andy Peaks, club officials need to stop abusing the refs.

Tannoy at the D&D

Player behaviour


Question 5. Do you have a skill which could be of help to the Club? E.g. marketing, commercial, practical or some spare time.

  • 21   Yes
  • 80   No
  • 36  Already volunteer

If yes, please indicate the area you are able to help in and leave us your contact details.

8 did not answer

Some cross over where supporters have answered ‘yes’ and ‘already volunteer’. If any of those people did not leave contact details with the survey it would be appreciated if you could email Stacey Hawkins ( with your details, or liaise with her on a match day.


Question 6. Are you happy with the current Club colours?

Home – White shirts, blue shorts, white socks / Away – Yellow shirts, black shorts, yellow socks

  • 142   Yes
  • 4      No 
If no, please indicate the colours you would like to see the teams play in and why.

1 not answered

All ‘No’ answers relate to the yellow away strip – suggestions include red, pink and blue as alternatives.


 Question 7. How do you feel the Club could increase attendances on matchdays?

Please see separate detailed responses page for suggestions.


 Question 8. How do you feel the Club could increase membership?

Please see separate detailed responses page for suggestions.


Question 9. How many Club events (other than matches and members’ forum) have you attended in the last 12 months?

  • 47    None
  • 35    1-2
  • 8       3-4
  • 15    More than 4
If none, please indicate why you did not attend. E.g did not see event advertised/event did not interest me/inconvenient timing.

No interest/too family orientated/aimed at older people/live too far away/only interested in 1st team football


Question 10. Are there any events you would like to see and would support?

Please specify:

FIFA night / Band night ‘The Retro’ / more quiz nights / family day / disco / car boot sale / zorb football / golf day / meet the players / comedy evening


Question 11. Please indicate to what extent you agree or disagree with the following statements:

(some questions were not answered).


Strongly disagree


Neither agree nor disagree


Strongly agree

I am only interested in the 1st team winning and progressing.






I am interested in the 1st team progressing but not to the detriment of the club off the field.






The Club’s 35 other teams and the benefit they bring to the local community are just as important as the 1st team.






I would prefer the 1st team to stay at this level if further promotions are unsustainable






I want to see more young players in the 1st team even if this has a negative impact on results






I want to see more experienced players in the 1st team if this will improve the chances of success on the pitch, even if this means that younger players will have to wait their turn for now.






It is important that the Club develops its own players.






It doesn’t matter where the players in the 1st team come from, so long as they have the required ability.








Is there anything else you would like to communicate to the AFCR&D Club 

  • Improve toilet facilities on stand side of the ground
  • more contacts regarding players, use local pro clubs for loans/links
  • You are all awesome!
  • Keep up the good work!
  • replica shirts too small
  • I think the Board is doing a good job, keep up the good work
  • scope for trying to get club to benefit from supporters’ wills? Scheme with local legal firm?
  • make more people/local council aware. Knock on doors/invite to local meetings
  • I would like club officials to smile more and be more approachable
  • I feel we should try to establish links with local pro clubs (not MK Dons) to try and get young loan players or send some of our better scholars for a bit of experience
  • Discipline
  • What are the other 35 teams? I don’t see them promoted in the programme although some in NVN*. I strongly believe AFCR&D should influence where possible to effect a return to NP. I would strongly support this even if it meant a ground share with other sports of even KTFC. * Having listened to Martin Jenkins this evening, I have learnt a lot!
  • Player discipline on the field of the first team at present is a disgrace to the club.
  • Have a sin bin like rugby, would cut out yellow/red cards
  • What are the Implications with regard to the D&D if we continue to progress through the leagues?
  • Keep it up as most of you are ok 😉