AFC Rushden & Diamonds Board nominations

AFC Rushden and Diamonds Community Benefit Society Ltd
The following members were nominated for election to the Club Board:
David Albon by Chas Rust and seconded by Peter Rust
Darren David Bolland by Glenis Haynes and seconded by Gareth Haynes
Ralph Burditt by Pam Longstaff and seconded by Mark Hedges
David Cockings by D. Chambers and seconded by P.Judd
Stacey Hawkins by Ralph Burditt and seconded by Chas Rust
Chas Rust by S. Hawkins and seconded by Peter Rust
Stephanie Webb by Darren Bolland and seconded by Jon Ward
Jonathan Ward by Philip Longstaff and seconded by Mike Neville
One nomination form was declared to be invalid.
The above 8 validly nominated members are therefore elected as the next Club Board to hold office from the next annual meeting scheduled for 3rd July 2013.
Roger Knight
Election Officer
4th, June 2013