AFCRD Youth respond to NFA Affiliation Fee Increase

AFCRD Youth chairman Mark Cullen responded to details of the NFA affiliation fee increases as reported in the local press yesterday.

There is a lot of press at the moment with regards the huge increase in FA affiliation fees clubs are facing for the 21-22 season, our budget is showing an increase to us of between £700-800 payable the NFA.

Just to put everyone’s mind at rest; We pride ourselves on being a very prudent football club, we see ourselves as custodians of a community assest that is to provide football to the children of our community and to this end we have developed over the years a structure than enables us to stride over financial challenges such as these so I can confirm that sign-on and monthly subscriptions for the 21-22 will not change, I can also confirm that affiliation prices increases for the following two seasons which we’ve been made aware of will not be passed on to you, we have budgeted for these also. Normal inflationary increases may apply in the coming years but there will be no change directly from these additional costs.

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