Andy Burgess appoints his Backroom Team

In an exclusive interview to AFCRDTV on Tuesday, Andy Burgess confirmed his coaching staff for the new season. We are delighted to welcome Chris Willmott, Martin Whalley and Dominic Wheway to the Club.

Chris Willmott has been appointed as First Team Assistant Manager ahead of the 2022/23 Pitching In Southern League Premier Central season. Martin Whalley will be Head of Performance and Dominic Wheway will work as First Team Performance and Recruitment Analyst.

Andy also confirmed that first team Sports Therapist, Roisin O’Farrell and Goalkeeping Coach, Nathan Gaunt would be staying on as important members of his team.

Speaking to AFCRDTV, Andy Burgess commented, “Chris is someone I’ve played with at Oxford United. He’s a fantastic fella, probably the most sensible footballer I ever played with – not in the mould of a ‘typical footballer’.

He played at the top level in the Premier League for Wimbledon, he’s a local guy and ticks loads of boxes.

He’s a really good coach and since I’ve started speaking to him about the opportunity I’ve been delighted with his enthusiasm, thoughts, visions and input.

I know he’ll be a fantastic acquisition for the football club.

Martin Whalley is someone who I worked with at Accrington Stanley Academy. He’s phenomenal in the field of strength and conditioning, and fitness and well-being. He’ll work heavily with the players who return to fitness from injuries and head up our preseason fitness, all of the warm-ups pre-game and pre-training.

He’s got a job down south with the Ministry of Defence and it’s really lined up brilliantly because he’s the best strength and conditioning coach that I’ve ever worked with so to have the opportunity to bring in here, again he’s somebody who mirrors my work ethos and vision. He’s unbelievably energetic and enthusiastic.

He’ll be a major part of what we do and how we look to progress off the pitch this season and how we look to try and help the players to be more robust, be fitter and be stronger for longer throughout the season. I think that’s an important part of this club especially at this level and in this league where it’s quite a physical competition.

Dominic Wheway did the analysis for us towards the end of last season utilizing the VEO system that we’ve got here for home and away games. In terms of the video, he’ll clip and cut games for us.

The analytical and data side is something huge that I’m about and we want to utilize as much as possible and if it gives us that little one two percent. It’s highly important, so Dominic will head that side along with recruitment.

For me it’s a really strong management team. It covers all bases, it improves us and it elevates us to a different level.

I’m excited about working with them all next season.”

You can watch Andy’s full interview where he discusses his management team, vision for the coming season and more here.

(Image courtesy of Hawkins Images ©2022)