Ask The Management – Neil Champelovier

The Social Media Team at the club introduced a new feature for the Club Twitter Account, with a regular “Ask The Player” Q&A session with one of the Diamonds First Team, and this has now been extended as an “Ask The Management” session. On 31srt May 2020, Head Coach, Neil Champelovier agreed to take part.


If you don’t have access to social media, or missed the session, here are the Questions and responses in full.


Question – Matt Hawkins: For those who don’t know much about your footballing history, who did you play for during your playing days? What made you go into management and who have you managed / coached since?

Answer – I was at Northampton Town FC from the age of 11 till the age of 20, then played over in the United States Of America. I then came home and was around the non-league circuit a bit. I coached youngsters from a young age, going into teaching, so coaching / managing was the next progression especially when the legs went. Coaching wise, I was assistant at Daventry Town FC for a few years and had some success there, getting to the 1st Round proper for the 1st time in the club’s history and then at Bedford Town FC under Craig Adams. Both were fantastic learning experiences that have taught me a lot.


Question – Stewart Greenway: What has impressed you the most since joining the club and have you had to change your methods in any way?

Answer – Hard one but the way the club is run, really professional and welcoming at the same time. Have to mention the fantastic support as well, especially at the away games. Leiston & Nuneaton away they literally dragged the ball in those last-minute goals from behind the goal!


Question – Jon Dunham: What exactly is Champs’ running club and why do the players speak so highly of it?

Answer – They love it! Wanted to implement a higher tempo / press to our game & felt we needed to be fitter for it. So, every Tuesday at the start of the season we worked on it (football related) but it was tough. Look at how many goals we scored in the last 20 minutes, no moaning then.


Question – Alex Raspin: Has the current situation affected player recruitment plans? 

Answer – In a word ‘yes’! All the uncertainty has meant (quite rightly) that many players aren’t willing to commit so early on and are waiting on other clubs and their respective budgets. It’s a waiting game at the minute but we are working hard on it and just as importantly retention.


Question – Matt Hawkins : When you joined the club at the start of last season, what were your expectations? And how have you enjoyed your first season at the club despite it ending earlier than planned?

Answer – First one as boring as it is, was to maintain league status but personally, expectations were to beat last season’s point tally & see where that put us, hoping it gave us a chance with play-offs. The 1st season here has been fantastic, a proper club with great support.


Question – Jimmy Whittish : Worst and best banter in the dressing room?

Answer – Easy one, Best banter comes from the management team! But if I had to pick one from the changing room, always enjoy listening to Nathan Hicks & Ben Acquaye and their little love affair! Worst banter – there’s too many, but Brownie and Matt Slinn are probably the quietest!