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The Social Media Team at the club have introduced a new feature for the Club Twitter Account, with a regular “Ask The Player” Q&A session with one of the Diamonds First Team.


On 26th April 2020, Alex Collard agreed to be the second player to take part.


If you don’t have access to social media, or missed the session, here are the Questions and Responses in full.


Question – Paul Judd : Corner swinging in, chance to win the game, you or Liam on the end of it to bag the points?

Answer – Liam Dolman…. Never in doubt.


Question – Mark Rust : Best player you’ve played with at any club? Best atmosphere you’ve played in?

Answer – Liam Dolman for sure! Guy is in a class of his own.


Question – Kit D : What has been your favourite game for AFCRD and why?

Answer : Would have to be the St Ives at home. Down to 10 men and managed to steal it right at the end. Obviously scoring the winner always helps.


Question – Jon Dunham : How is the knee? Fit for the new season whenever that may start?

Answer –  Hi Jon, the knee is much better thanks, my physio has pestered me most days to keep up my rehab! Looking forward to the new season (whenever that will be!!)


Question – Robin Hales : Who are the dirtiest team you’ve played against?

Answer – Kettering! No one came close.


Question – Matt Hawkins : How did you find out when Peaksy was interested in bringing you to AFC R&D? Also, how would you best describe your feeling about the move?

Answer – First contact I was away with work! It was great to know someone believes in you but at the time I had work commitments so had to so no! But when Peaksy contacted me about a month later, for me I couldn’t turn down the opportunity, it was meant to be!


Question – Stewart Greenway : Who is the best player in the world in your position?

Answer – Surely Van Dijk, he is an absolute beast.


Question – Kit D : Who is your favourite footballer of all time?

Answer – The centre back in me wants to say Tony Adams, but the delusional centre forward in me will always say Thierry Henry!


Question – Chris Barritt : Academy pipelines producing plenty of potential at the moment. How are you enjoying playing with a wonderful veteran in Liam Dolman and yet at the same time being a mentor at such a young age to those just starting out in the first team?

Answer – It’s a great experience, I still feel like a young player myself in the team and feel like I’m learning so much from Bully! But it’s great to help the young lads! We were all that player at one point so try to do my best to help where I can.


Question – Chris Barritt : I know from being in a studio with you how natural you & Tom Lorraine are behind the mic but how would you describe yourself verbally on the pitch?

Answer – I would say I’m quite loud on the pitch and try my best to help keep others organised etc! Although a lot of the time it’s just nonsense and people like Hicksy just moan at me!


Question – Jimmy Whittish : Favourite away ground to play at and best memory so far at the club?

Answer – Favourite ground was Hednesford but favourite moment must be Hicksy scoring away at Kettering. The celebration was unreal! Although I was more shocked he had scored…


Question – Michael Dowling : Best and worst thing about playing for AFC R&D?

Answer – Playing in front of hundreds of fans each week is by far the best! The worst…. Champs running club! I’ve gone to extreme lengths to avoid it.


Question – Scott Shipway : Who’s the best player you came up against this season? And did you learn anything from it?

Answer – Has to be the striker from South Shields! Really gave me the run around (for 60 minutes or so!). Was a tough lesson to learn but one I’m all for the better for now!


Question – Tom Roberts : Do you play any other sports other than football?

Answer –  I play the odd bit of Golf but football is the only one I’m any good at? Well questionably!


Question – Steph Collard : What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt whilst you’ve been out injured? Is there anyone in particular you’d like to thank?

Answer – Icing my knee is key to a good recovery.


Question – Peter : What’s your best playing moment?

Answer – Must be my debut! Winning like we did and keeping a clean sheet was great!


Thanks to Alex for being so open with his responses. Further Q&A sessions have been held with Ben Acquaye, with Nathan Hicks stepping up to answer your questions on Sunday 10th May – visit the Diamonds twitter feed at 2pm to put your question to Nathan.

This is one of a series of “Ask The Player” Twitter Sessions – you can find the others under the Player News heading.


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