Ask The Player – Ben Acquaye

The Social Media Team at the club have introduced a new feature for the Club Twitter Account, with a regular “Ask The Player” Q&A session with one of the Diamonds First Team.

On 3rd May 2020, Ben Acquaye agreed to be the third player to take part.

If you don’t have access to social media, or missed the session, here are the Questions and responses in full.


Question – Stewart Greenway – Which current @AFCRD player have you learnt the most from during your time at the club

Answer – Sam Brown trains how he plays and have good chemistry, top player.


Question – Alex Raspin – You had to wait your chance when you first joined and spent a lot of time on the sidelines. Did you expect that? Do you think it helped you adjust to this level? Been a great season Ben hopefully we’ll see you next season too.

Answer – Yes it was hard at first, at the time the team was going for promotion so me being an 18 year old to come in and start was not possible. I felt I just need a few games to get used too the level and then from there on I would be good to go.


Question – Roger Knight – Do you think players, whether full or part time pros, should have a say in how their clubs are run – and if so how?

Answer – Not really, I think as a player all you want to worry about is performing on the pitch and do your part in making everyone associated with the club happy by getting results.


Question – Michael Dowling – How many sets of Lederhosen do you own?

Answer – None at all, Zack Reynolds provided me with the gear, may get my own though and see how they do it in Germany.


Question – What’s the worst pronunciation of your name you’ve heard when teams are read out?

Answer – The worst was probably Leiston away.


Question – Joseph McCormack – Do you feel your best as a no.10 or on the left side and did you play any other positions as you were growing up?

Answer – My favourite position is out on the left, however I do enjoy the no.10 as it gives you the license to be more free to start attacks.


Question – Wayne – Do you have any regrets in your football career so far?

Answer – None whatsoever.


Question – Jake Munt – What’s your favourite goal you scored last season? 

Answer – Hednesford away.


Question – Eman – Where do you see yourself in a few seasons & how would you rate the performance of the team and yourself this season?

Answer – Playing as high as possible , I think we are having a good season and on course to achieve our target. This has been my best season in men’s football.


Question – Jeremey Keay – Hi Ben, Were you on any club’s books as a youngster and where would you like to see yourself playing 3 years from now?

Answer – Chelsea, Northampton & MK Dons but nothing materialised so just went back to local football and have come up from there and playing as high as possible.


Question – Matt Hawkins – When you first joined the club, what were your thoughts on making the step? Also, what did you think when Peaksy first contacted you?

Answer – I thought I was ready, just needed to adjust to how the team played, in pre-season when I played again Diamonds, I remember how tough the game was as they kept the ball really well and when I heard they were interested, I wanted to come over straight away.


Question – Ian White – How have you been keeping fit during this lockdown?

Answer – Just been going for runs and working on areas of my game that need improving.


Question – Steve Farnborough – What’s your favourite football memory so far?

Answer – First round of the FA Youth Cup


 This is one of a series of “Ask The Player” Twitter Sessions – you can find the others under the Player News heading.

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