Ask The Player – Ben Farrell

The Social Media Team at the club have introduced a new feature for the Club Twitter Account, with a regular “Ask The Player” Q&A session with one of the Diamonds First Team.


On 24th May 2020, Ben Farrell agreed to be the sixth player to take part.


If you don’t have access to social media, or missed the session, here are the Questions and Responses in full.


Question – Andrew Barrie : If you could have played with any Arsenal player past or present, who would it be? Hope you are keeping well mate.

Answer – Thierry Henry without a doubt. Ian Wright was another idol with Paul Merson. Ray Parlour is definitely up there too. Cheers Andrew, hope your well.


Question – Stacey Hawkins : Ben, you’ve made no secret about your mental health struggles – how has the club helped you get through and what advice would you give to anyone who’s struggling, especially at the moment?

Answer – The club have been very supportive up until this day. I really feel the club has got its back for each other. Staff, players and fans included. The advice is to “Talk” obviously, and you’ll be surprised how many good people are out there and care.


Question – Stacey Hawkins : What have you been doing you keep yourself busy during the last few weeks?

Answer : Just trying to stay mentally healthy as possible, so it has led me to do loads of training.


Question – Stewart Greenway : If you could bring any previous team mate to AFCRD, who would it be and why?

Answer – I think I might just have answered that. Playing wise, Luke Fairlamb. No one likes to see Joe Curtis leave.


Question – Matt Hawkins : Out of the seasons you’ve been with the club, which season stands out the most for yourself? Also, how did you feel when Peaksy wanted to sign you?

Answer – Promotion winning season. Excited, most attractive club in non-league and haven’t been disappointed.


Question – Kit D : Which match has been your favourite game so far for AFCRD?

Answer – For selfish reasons I can’t not be scoring a hat trick and getting promoted against Aylesbury FC. Sheffield FC away, Leek at home with Nabs last minute winner.


Question – Matt Ward : 1) Have you voted for your choice on next years kit? 2) What do you prefer to play in, White, Yellow or Red/Blue?

Answer – Yeah think I voted for A-A. Can’t beat traditional home colours but the Green / Grey 3rd kit was lovely.


Question – Hayden Pott : Who’s been the best player you’ve played with in your career and at Rushden?

Answer –  Rob Wolleaston. So difficult so Luke Fairlamb, Bully/ Brownie.


Question – Joseph McCormack : What was going through your mind when you stepped up for the penalty at Nuneaton?

Answer – ‘Let’s pretend I want the penalty and hopefully someone is more aggressive about taking it’ and the please keeper dive right aha.


Question – Jimmy Whittish : Why do you think the promotion season was so successful for yourself and the team? Hope you’re well mate.

Answer –  Cheers bud, hope your good. I’d say collectively the coaching style and the players we had to play the formation was perfect. It worked seamlessly. 


This is one of a series of “Ask The Player” Twitter Sessions – you can find the others under the Player News heading.