Ask The Player – Liam Dolman

The Social Media team at the club have introduced a new feature for the Club Twitter Account, with a regular “Ask The Player” Q&A session with one of the Diamonds First Team.

On April 19th 2020, Club captain, Liam Dolman agreed to be the first player to take part.


If you don’t have access to social media, or missed the session, here are the Questions and Responses in full.


Question – Alex Raspin : What’s been your most memorable game you’ve been involved in whilst at Diamonds? Also what is your favourite?


Answer – Most memorable game probably would have to be Barwell FA Cup game ended although the replay was completely the opposite. My favourite would probably be the cup game at Sixfields for obvious reason – it’s always nice to finish the season on a high.


Question – Andrew Barrie : James Anker asks, what’s your favourite moment as a Diamond, apart from beating us all in the Darts tournament (still not over it)


Answer – Has to be the promotion from the UCL. I got so much stick for dropping down but I think we’ve proved it was the right decision.


Question – R&D Videos : Would you be interested in going into management when your playing career comes to an end?


Answer : 100%, I don’t want to be out of the game too long. Just waiting for Peaksy to get the sack!


Question – Alex Jefferies : 1) Pre match meal 2) Longest in the shower 3) Best/Worst trainers in the current team

Answer – Worst trainers have to be Hicksy, Heathy & Nabs for sure, possibly me when it comes to Champ’s running club, though running doesn’t make you a good footballer does it? Best trainer by far is Browny, the lads a machine.


Question – Robin Hales : Which player has the worst taste in music?

Answer – Without a doubt Nathan Hicks. He’s the one who is in charge of the music, but doesn’t cater for all genres!


Question – Stewart Greenway : Name your best three/memorable goals for the club.

Answer – 1) Best goal has to be the volley at Long Buckby. 2) Must win game in the Northern Premier League against Newcastle Town at home, best header I’ve scored and we won the game. 3) The later equaliser at Barwell was the most memorable that’s for sure.


Question – Jon Dunham : Hi skip, who is your favourite local journalist?

Answer – How can anyone come close to you Jon? Don’t do a bad job do you? Keep the sports pages coming in this difficult time, doing a great job.


Question – Harry : Jack Ashton has been modestly posting times of his road runs. Ben seems to like punching a bag in his garden. How are you staying at peak fitness or do you take a more chilled view on it all?

Answer – I’ve been doing a bit on the bike and running. I would like to do a bit more, but it’s hard, as with the current rules you have to concentrate on the family a bit – but I’m getting out there when I can that’s for sure!


Question – Harry : On a serious note, looking back over your long football career, what would be your biggest regret or maybe disappointment in terms of person achievement?

Answer – No regrets really, I had three brilliant years doing what every kid would dream of but it wasn’t to be. As far as I’m concerned, I’m playing the game I love still and I’ll continue doing that for as long as I can.


Question – James Playle : Who has been the best defensive partner you have played alongside? A) Ever B) At Diamonds (assuming a) won’t be a Diamonds player of course.

Answer – Best defensive partner, Mark Hughes at Northampton. Not just for football but the fact we’re still very good friends now. With the Diamonds it has to be Jacko – we’ve been together since I joined and have had lots of highs and a few lows but as a partnership, I think we haven’t done too bad.


Question – Michael Dowling : Who have been the best and worst clubs to visit during your times at Diamonds? In terms of results on the pitch, changing rooms, post match food and general hospitality?

Answer – Best clubs would be most of the NPL sides we played that season. It was a tough league but win or lose they were the most welcoming by far! I personally never liked Chalfont’s ground and I’m not sure we’ve ever won there!


Question – Jimmy Whittish : Best striker you have faced with playing for the club?

Answer : Easily the lad from South Shields this season, can’t remember his name but no way should he be playing at this level. I was woeful that day but he was good.


Question – Jason Cockerill : What is your favourite away ground Liam? Not Moat Ground, Gresley?

Answer –  Non League, Jason? I like Kings Lynn old school ground with a half decent pitch.


Question – Jon Mundy : What did you learn from facing Jermaine Beckford at Elland Road?

 Answer : Not much at Elland Road but he tore me a new one at Sixfields one game and that’s when I knew I found my level.


Question – Kev Richards : What makes the connection with you and the fans the club/fans so special that you want to stay here, as I bet a few teams higher up have come in for you, and you have stayed.

Answer – The club in general have been very good to me in the years I have been here. Don’t get many fans like ours that travel everywhere and can enjoy a beer with after win or lose without getting called every name under the sun.


Thanks to Liam for being so open with his responses. Further Q&A sessions have been held with Alex Collard and Ben Acquaye, with Nathan Hicks stepping up to answer your questions on Sunday 10th May – visit the the Diamonds twitter feed at 2pm to put your questions to Nathan. 

This is one of a series of “Ask The Player” Twitter Sessions – you can find the others under the Player News heading.










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