Bar Update

Following the conclusion of the bar trial during August, where supporters used the large bar on matchdays, the Board has now had the opportunity to consider all the feedback received. 

Whilst some of the feedback was negative, the trial was largely successful and the Board would like to thank all supporters who gave their thoughts on the trial. In light of the mainly positive feedback, it has been decided to switch the matchday bars permanently.

This means that, from Tuesday’s game against Corby Town FC, all supporters will use the large bar and the small bar will be used to host visiting directors and match officials as stipulated by league rules. Supporters should enter the ground via the usual turnstiles and access the bar by the door at the Birch Road end of the ground. Supporters who feel unable to access the door because of the steps should speak to a steward who will ensure that they are escorted to the bar via the step-free route.

A particular point of note from the feedback regarded the siting of the TVs in the large bar and the Club will now work to ensure that these are better placed for everyone’s enjoyment. Staff will also start work on making the bar more reflective of AFC R&D and its history over the coming weeks and months.



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