Become a “New Home Foundation Bond Member”

We are nearing the Club’s 10-year anniversary and have made tremendous progress over the first phase of our existence. Last year we launched our Strategic Plan for the next 5 years which sets the direction of the club through a set of six, interconnected Strategic Objectives building on our role in the community we serve. One of the Strategic Objectives, “Commitment to being at Home” is focused on creating a new football and community hub serving our catchment area around Rushden, Wellingborough, Finedon, and Thrapston.

Our new home will provide a blend of high-quality football, community, and business facilities. As a community club all our assets are protected by a community asset lock which protects the facilities.  Has there been a better time for local businesses, our club members, supporters, partners, and suppliers to help support YOUR supporters owned community club?

Especially now, when led by the Club New Home Committee supported by Club Board of Directors, we are making significant progress on our New Home plans. At a high level the New Home project can be divided into three phases: Planning, Construction, and Operating. The first stage is to lay those first FOUNDATIONS for our new home. We are working externally with our partners involved in the new home, including the Northamptonshire Football Association, Football Foundation, landlords and local authorities

There is an exciting prospect before us; but definitely not a simple New Home project.  There is a lot of complex work to be completed in the first stage. For example, enabling us to submit, a realistic and approvable Planning Application we will have to engage several professional suppliers to develop a robust, fully costed proposal. These suppliers will include planning consultants, architects, designers, transport advisors, archaeological advisors, and utility advisors. While, we are working on a range of funding plans, including using club funds, external grants and donations, funding needs to be raised from as many sources as possible. 

Once a successful Planning Application is completed, we are a step closer laying the first FOUNDATIONS in our New Home. 

This is a unique opportunity for Local Business who want to be part of the stadium planning and build as well as its usage once opened. Just as importantly, for Members and supporters to help AFC Rushden & Diamonds, ensure the future of their Club, beyond the impact of the COVID-19 crisis; this is the time when the Club needs financial backing and support the most. 

Therefore, we are launching an exciting new initiative and seek donations and part of the revenue needed for our New Home Project. So why not become a New Home FOUNDATION BOND member?  

Our “New Home Foundation Bond” membership scheme is different to what we have or have had in place. We hope it appeals to those individuals or companies who are able to make a specific and significant donation for our New Home Project. We guarantee all “New Home Foundation Bond” donations will go towards costs of our New Home Project. 

The membership cost options for our “New Home Foundation Bonds” are as follows 

DALE ROBERTS New Home Foundation Bond Membership requires a donation of £100 up to £499

PETER DE BANKE New Home Foundation Bond Membership requires a donation of £500 up to £999

DIAMOND New Home Foundation Bond Membership requires a donation of £1,000 or more. 

Our “New Home Foundation Bond” Package includes the following 

“New Home Foundation Bond” Membership benefits can be shared and used on a match-by-match basis by families, groups of individuals and companies. For example, a group of 4 friends, or 2 companies, could purchase the “New Home Foundation Bond” membership and share the benefits detailed.

Any “New Home Foundation Bond” membership and benefits will be managed on Match Days by our Match Day Hospitality team.   

“New Home Foundation Bond” membership excludes

  • All friendlies or cup matches
  • Any additional hospitality guests 
  • Match or Match Ball Sponsorship which can be purchased separately
  • Any additional rights to influence the operation of the Club 

If you are interested in making a donation and acquiring “New Home Foundation Bond” Membership or need more information, please contact Commercial Director John Gregory by email or call John on 07788 102430.