AFC R&D Election Schedule

In early 2012 AFC R&D will be holding elections to elect the club’s board.

All fan members are entitled to vote for board members and are also able to stand for election to the board.

To be eligible to stand for election or to vote you must be a signed up member by 31st December 2011


The term of office will last until approximately the end of the 2012/13 season.

There will be 8 places on the board to which candidates can be elected, but no specific roles are being defined before the election. After elections take place, the board will then allocate themselves specific roles.

The most important criteria for election candidates is that they are the kind of person that will be able to manage a small section of the club by themselves – i.e. not to do all the work themselves but to have an overview of, for example, all of the media activities of the club and to organise the efforts of other volunteers in that area. Being elected to the board is essentially taking responsibility for a part of the club and for the club as a whole as part of the elected board.

If you are not currently a volunteer at AFC R&D, you are in no way precluded from standing, in fact it is the wish of the current “Steering Committee” that plenty of new faces will come forward as part of the election process. By standing for election you are also in no way competing with someone currently volunteering work at the club. No-one will be “pushed out” of a position after the elections and AFC R&D are very grateful to all those who currently to volunteer work for us. The election process will consolidate and build upon what we already have at AFC R&D and will allow us to further organise our structure so that the club can continue to meet the needs of its members and supporters.


The details of the election process is as follows :-

The Election Officer is Canon Roger Knight

17th January – 1st March 2012 Election period

17th January 2012 – Nomination forms will be available to download and available at the members forum as well as from the AFC stand at home games or in person from the Election Officer. Two nominees are required per nomination and nomination forms must be given, posted or emailed (as a scanned copy of the signed form) to the election officer by close of nominations midnight on 7th February

7th February 2012 Midnight – Nominations close

8th February 2012 – List of nominees and their supporters published together with their election statements

13th February 2012 Voting papers available to download online, from the election officer in person, or by postal request. Votes can be cast using the online voting system, in person to the election officer or by placing a completed voting form in the ballot box at Kiln Park.

29th February 2012 Midnight – Voting closes

1st March 2012 – Results declared


31st December is also the deadline to be signed up if you wish to enter the draw for Season Ticket Number 1 for the 2012/13 season. The lucky winner will be announced at the members’ forum on 17th January 2012.