Community Coaching – Disability Team

Rushden & Diamonds Community Club are looking for experienced individuals to lead their disability football team for all ages.

The successful applicants will be expected to create a positive environment for all players of all ages to develop as individuals and as footballers.

The individuals must have or be willing to attend at least level 1 FA coaching course and have a passion to develop their coaching skills further. A DBS check will be carried out before commencing the post.

They will be responsible for planning and carrying out of training sessions and taking charge of the teams for tournaments.

Training is once a week and tournaments take place several times during the season.

They will be expected to actively integrate the disability team into the community structure along with the existing board, attending certain community events and appropriate meetings within the community club.

The candidates must have experience in running a football team, be enthusiastic and committed to the sustainable future of disability football within our community.

Working with people who have special needs will teach you about many important aspects about life in general. You’ll acquire much more knowledge about the difficulties certain sections of your community face in their everyday lives and gain a better understanding of how you can help to improve the lives of those less fortunate than yourself. You might also wish to help overcome stereotypical opinions that are held by certain sections of society who sometimes only see the ‘problem’ and never the person behind it and you’re bound to have a new and very different appreciation of life in general, which will permeate through to other areas of your everyday life.


If you are interested in doing some greatly rewarding work in your community please contact:

Mark Cullen,


You can see more details on the various AFC R&D Community Teams on their custom website here.