Competition Rules and Background Information

The following links will be updated with documents pertaining to the 2015-16 season once they are made available.

For details of the FA Cup and FA Trophy rules for the 2015-16 season see here.

The FA Handbook for 2014/15 is here

The FA Discipline Handbook for 2014/15 is here. Disciplinary issues at Step 4 and above are administered by the FA, and they have a dedicated section on their website here.

The Southern League Handbook is not available other than to club officials at present.

For details on the Northants FA Hillier Senior Cup see here.

For the FIFA Laws of the Game see here.

For the latest Southern Football League News see here. The Southern Football League does not currently advertise an official Facebook page but has a Twitter feed here.

For general information from the FA on the Non-League System, including details of ground grading and the pyramid structure see here.

For a Southern League Division One Central Club Index, with ground names, nicknames, links to their homepage and twitter feeds click here – where you can also find other useful links.