Further Work at the Dog & Duck This Week (Updated)

The team of volunteers from AFC Rushden & Diamonds and Wellingborough Town who are working to maintain and enhance the Dog & Duck with respect to Ground Grading Standards have carried out some additional work on Sunday (24/11) and have further plans for Friday (29/11) in the final phase of their current work.

On Sunday morning they concreted the area in front of the Main Stand, and put up a small shelter by the turnstiles to provide cover for programme and raffle ticket sales. See the gallery below for pictures of that work.

On Friday they are taking delivery of some extra seating (courtesy of the Olympic legacy plan), so would appreciate offers of help as they need a few people on-site at the Dog & Duck to help off load these seats (timings to be confirmed).

If you are able to help, the contact is Bob Osborne via the email link, or speak to him at Tuesday night’s game.

For those who would like to help in other volunteer activities there are a number of areas where additional support is required during the 2013-14 season – for details see here.

Pictures courtesy of Malcolm Swinden Photography  Copyright Mal Swinden ©2013.

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