Ground Maintenance Weekend 27th – 28th June

Can you help for a few hours this weekend?

As we approach the new season, there are a few bits of outside general maintenance that need completing, and if anyone can spare a few hours this weekend – either Saturday or Sunday from 10am, then please let Darren know.

There are no major bits of work this year, but we have a few cosmetic and minor bits to complete ahead of the new season.

We will provide BACON sandwiches, and Tea/Coffee/Chilled Water – if you have any other preferences let me know, and we will see what we can do, else bring some of your own refreshments.

As always Pitch work has been going on since the last day of the season (seeding/watering/mowing), and much of the weeding (though not all), and inside work is mostly complete. A few WTFC fans have been painting inside Clubhouse, and redoing the changing room floors ahead of some new vinyl being laid, as well as other general repairs to showers/walls/plumbing.

A sample of jobs to be done (we may think of a few more, or you may come up with suggestions on the day).

Taking off, rubbing down and repainting a few of the outside doors (toilets/hospitality)
Rubbing down, cleaning, and spraying Metal Door Frame, and Physio Bench
Digging out some soil for some new steps.
Fence/Shed Painting around Dale’s Bar Area
Sand shifting – move remaining sand from car park to inside ground (mostly done).
Patio Weeding – scraping
Jet Washing – we have a jet wash onsite.
Deck Cleaning/Treating
Weed Spraying – we have large sprayer 8L and concentrate.
Drilling – Brackets putting up
Possibly repainting outside of hospitality/toilet block.

We have most of the materials/paint already etc.. but if you have any extra tools that may be of use, feel free to bring them down, as well as appropriate clothing/footwear of course.

If anyone has any brickwork/paving/concreting skills and is able to help then please let me know directly as per the email below at the bottom.

Also if you cannot make the weekend, but could perhaps come down one afternoon, or early evening – we may be able to arrange something with some of the jobs like fence painting/weeding etc.. again just drop me an email with your contact details,

Contact Info

Please email me at if you would like to come down, and any preferred time. Preferred time is likely to be Sat 10am for a few hours to complete as many things as we can, and then Sunday if required.

Access to the DnD

Also as of today (Wednesday 24th June), the old entrance/driveway to the Dog and Duck is likely to be going out of use, so you would need to come down the road parallel towards Whitworths and then come into the Dog and Duck Car Park via the new gates. We will provide more info on this later today once the workmen confirm what they are doing. You can then just park in the normal DnD Car Park.