Home and Away Kit Vote 2020-22

We are delighted to announced the Home and Away kit options for 2020/22.

There are 3 different designs, across different price points for you to choose from.

As with previous seasons all Adult/Concession Members are eligible to vote.

As you have read elsewhere, this year has proved financially difficult for the Club. Through the generosity of our Members, spectators and Sponsors we were able to deal with the initial cash flow crisis caused by the early end to the season. This enabled us to deal with the short term crisis, and start preparations for the new season’s budget. However, losing our main Shirt Sponsor has left a huge hole in the 2020/21 budget.

At that point fellow supporters put forward the idea of raising revenue with a new kit that contained individual fans’ names within the design. After discussions with Macron we have been able to develop Home and Away Shirts which could incorporate up to 350 individual names within the design.

This has the benefit of being a totally unique shirt design which also allows supporters to combine their usual shirt purchase, and new buyers, to help us with a critical financial lifeline to underpin the 2020-20201 budget.  It demonstrates our fans are at the heart of our Club. This is available for fans, businesses or groups wishing to see their name in the Official Club shirt.

Consequently, for budgeting purposes we have added a projected revenue line to our budget from the sale of these special, unique shirts. This is based on the additional revenue raised from supporters paying for their name in the design for the custom shirt. There are also some specific package options to go with this unique shirt.

If Members vote in favour of this custom shirt then this will allow the budget to be finalised; however, if Members vote for an alternative shirt option then the additional revenue line will be removed from the budget.


Voting options for 2020-2021

The three options for both Home and Away shirts are: 

  • Two “off the shelf” shirts for Home and Away kits, one being entry level, and the other being a new Macron design for 2020. The guide prices reflect the quality and commonality. (Options A and B).
  • One custom designed shirt for Home and Away kits; the price guide reflects its uniqueness and higher quality material. (Option C)


Option A – Off the shelf design entry level shirt, evertex material with embroidered badge and heat pressed logos, guide Junior price £30, Senior £36


Option B – Off the shelf brand new 2020 design, softlock material with embroidered badge and heat pressed logos, Junior guide price £37, Senior £45


Option C – Custom shirt, softlock material, embroidered badge plus ability to print members/supporters’ names within the shirt. Junior guide price £41.50, Senior £49


All guide prices are for purchase of the individual shirts. Members discount of 10% is also available.


Custom Package Options

We have also developed the following packages for the custom shirt, should this win the vote.


Custom Bronze –2020/21 Shirt (sizes 3XS-4XL) plus your name in the shirt. Price £100


Custom Silver – The perfect gift package. Presentation/ gift package with the shirt in an embossed presentation box with a squad signed AFCRD lithograph. Price £120


Custom Gold – The ultimate package. The shirt will be supplied in a wooden presentation frame and include a squad signed AFCRD lithograph (not framed). Price £300


For budgeting purposes, we have assumed based on 100 purchases the Bronze Package would raise an additional £5000 for the Club, while the Sliver Package would raise £7000. All revenue raised is in addition to the individual shirt price.


All prices above include the individual shirt.

If Members choose one of the off the shelf options (Options A& B), the package options can be added as follows:

  • Silver – Plus £20
  • Gold –  Plus £200



You can vote by signing up to be a member, logging into the members area of the website going to the ‘Vote’ tab. If you need help logging on please email membership@afcdiamonds.com 

If you would like to join as a AFCRD Member JOIN HERE

Please cast 1 vote for each ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ designs you would prefer, “Option A”, “Option B” or “Option C”.

All votes must be received by 5th June



Although we do not have details of the start of the football season, we are basing everything we do on a normal start date and combining that with the shirt ordering timescales. Therefore, we expect to have the shirts in stock for August.


Club Official Sponsors

Members are reminded that in all the shirt examples details of the various Club sponsors are currently omitted. As usual once the commercial details are confirmed the appropriate sponsor details will be added to the chosen shirt. This includes the Main Shirt Sponsor (front), back of Shirt Sponsor and Sleeve Sponsor.

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