Important Information ahead of Tonight’s Fixture against King’s Lynn Town

We are pleased to be able to welcome spectators back to Hayden Road for tonight’s game against King’s Lynn.

Tickets for this evenings fixture are on general sale here:

Like other clubs we have worked hard to minimise potential risks of transmitting Covid-19 in line with government and Football Association guidelines.  We would ask everyone to play their part in making your visit to the ground as safe as possible by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • KEEP YOUR DISTANCE – Maintain social distancing, keeping ONE metre plus distance at all times.
  • PERSONAL HYGIENE – Use the provided hand sanitising stations or wash your hands for 20 seconds whenever necessary.
  • THINK OF OTHERS – To prevent the spread of droplets, avoid singing or excessive shouting or coughing.
  • MASKS – To comply with ONE metre plus distancing we would ask you to wear a mask if walking around the ground or entering the Club House, Dales Bar, Club Shop or External Toilet.
  • STAY WHERE YOU ARE – We would ask spectators not to move from their original match vantage point, other than for refreshments or toilet breaks.
  • FOLLOW THE SIGNS – Please follow all directional signs and implemented one-way systems whilst in the ground, as well taking note of any additional COVID Safety Notices.

Given that many people will be visiting Hayden Road for the first time in many months here are the details about the specific changes we have had to introduce to make sure everything is as safe as we can make it. As you approach the ground please bear in mind:

  • Remember it is ticket only game so you must have bought a ticket before approaching the turnstiles. No tickets will be available from the turnstile.
  • Queuing markers will be visible on the fence either side of the turnstiles to help you maintain a social distance.
  • Stewards will be on hand to offer advice about the ground and will carry out temperature checks before you can enter the ground
  • When you enter the turnstile please show your ticket, either on your phone or paper, to the operator to be scanned. Do not enter the turnstile until the person in front has cleared through. When you have had your ticket scanned please proceed through and away from the turnstile.

When you enter the ground, you will find the following changes:

  • There is a one-way system in operation inside the ground. After you enter the turnstiles the walking route takes you to the right past the white toilet block. Please use this correctly to help maintain a safe environment for everyone.
  • At the end of the game for those supporters watching the game between the dug outs and the Hevey Stand plus those in the Hevey and Peter De Banke Stands the walking route will be reversed to allow exit by the Exit Gate in the corner onto Hayden Road
  • For those spectators in the Chris Ruff Stand and round the corner towards the Ball Catcher and Club House the Exit Gate will be via the gate between the Main Stand and Burger Monster. 
  • Some areas are now designated as no spectating areas and these are clearly marked by Yellow painting on the floor and pitchside barrier. The new areas include the walkway behind the goal in front of the ball catcher, the walkway at the corner of the ground near the exit gates and immediately behind the dug outs. Along with the existing hatched areas in front of the stands these new areas should be used solely as a walking route.
  • The area in front of the Main Stand and Tunnel area is designated as a Red Zone, marked on the floor and pitchside barrier by red paint. In line with Football Association requirements only authorised people can stay in that area. When the tunnel is retracted our stewards will allow the area to be used as a walking route but please do not stay in the area.
  • Around the terracing areas of the ground you will see blue markings on the pitchside barrier, floor, and steps to identify where you can stand using the blue markers as a guide to maintain social distancing. Some individual steps are out of use and these are marked in red at end of each row. 
  • Both the Hevey and Chris Ruff seating stands have had individual rows and gangway seats closed off by clearly visible tape. So, these seats are strictly not to be used.  You are free to use the reaming seats in line with the government’s social distancing guidelines, leaving two seats free between your group and the next
  • In the Hevey Stand please leave the 4 seats at the ends of the front row either side of the steps free for people who need to be able to sit
  • The Peter De Banke stand also has restricted capacity with only 2 rows being in use. Blue markings, 1 metre apart have been placed on the 2 barriers to allow spectators to maintain social distancing. Please do not stand on the steps or on the rows marked in red.

Once inside the ground please remember that there are very limited facilities available to use. The External toilets will be open but the Burger Monster, Dale’s Bar, the Clubhouse and Shop will be closed. Hand sanitation points are available at the turnstiles and outside the toilets, but we would also advise spectators to bring their own hand sanitizer. 

To help you get a feel of what it will be like at Hayden Road please see our filmed walk though the ground here