Invitation to join the Media Team for 2017-18 Season

AFC Rushden & Diamonds has been praised many times for the quality of its media output, something that covers a wide range of disciplines. We’re looking for volunteers to help out with some of our media duties on and around match-day for next season.

Twitter is fun to do, updating followers on the key pieces of action and letting people know that the vital goal has just gone in. We have plenty of followers who rely on these updates,  and the tweets provide input to a range of journalists who often re-tweet them to wider audience.

Match Reporting is also fun to do both during the game and in the hours/days following the fixture. Pulling together the notes you’ve made into a summary of the game with key events and statistics, but putting your own spin on how the game was played and how the team performed. We get plenty of readers and some good feedback.

Non-League Newspaper Report for home games we get asked to do a 120 word report for the Non-league Newspaper plus some simple stats. This is deadline driven needing to be in by 6.15 but you get your name in the paper as author. Can be a challenge when there are lots of goals and incidents to condense into 120 words in half an hour…..just like good old précis tests at school!!

Radio Diamonds. Anyone who has listened will know how much we enjoy just sitting and describing the action but also offering our views and opinions on the game, the team and anything else that takes our fancy. Just sitting in for 20 minutes and chipping in as “summariser” would be a great help and we are a friendly team who have welcomed new contributors over the years.

AFCRDTV needs people to help with filming on the day (pretty much point and zoom/zoom out) maybe in 20 minute stints. The interviewing is usually covered but if anyone feels they fancy joining the rota for interviewing the Manager and the Man of the Match that would be great. Editing and publishing takes a fair chunk of time and effort after the game though and we would really like someone to take this on to relieve officials who are having to do it. Even if it was every other game or one game a month it would help relieve spread the burden.


We have a small team who cover most of the above between them and are finding it increasingly difficult to keep everything going each week. We really might have to scale back on some of this excellent coverage unless we can get a few more volunteers to join in.

So why don’t you give us a go. Just try out for a few minutes on one of the activities and see how you enjoy it. It doesn’t have to be every game, helping cover just one game a month would make a real difference and it genuinely is fun.

To find out more, or to register your interest ahead of the new season please email  Alternatively please come and see us on match day or get in touch and we’ll arrange to schedule you into the team on the day you can help out.