Lance Allen and Nat Liburd leave AFC R&D

AFC Rushden & Diamonds are sad to announce the departure of Lance Allen and Nat Liburd from the club.

Manager Mark Starmer told “It is really unfortunate that we have had to ask Lance and Nat to look for football elsewhere, but sadly they have both found themselves unable to uphold the standards of discipline and respect that we expect of the players at our club. For it to come to a head like this is disappointing and I am personally very saddened by the whole thing, but my hand has been forced by the attitude that they have shown towards me and the club recently. At the end of the day, AFC Rushden and Diamonds is somewhere where players, staff, volunteers and supporters are all able to feel part of the same unit and in my view a big part of this unity comes from the players themselves. As Lance and Nat both feel unable to conduct themselves in a fashion that is helpful in working towards the goals that we are all trying to achieve at the club and that shows respect for their fellow players, for the supporters, for the staff and for me as a manager then I feel I am left with no other option than to ask them to leave.

It is a shame that it has not worked out here for them, but I genuinely mean it when I say that I wish Lance and Nat no ill will and the best of luck with their future careers. Both are players with a great deal of ability and if they are able to sort out some of the choices that they make away from the field of play, will become fine footballers.”

AFC Rushden & Diamonds

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