The following table contains the AFC Rushden & Diamonds Results from the initial Senior Team season in 2012 through to mid-December 2022.

NoMatch DateOpponentCompResultScorers
118/08/2012Thrapston Town (H)UCL1W 3-0Taylor 2, Wisniewski
225/08/2012Wootton Blue Cross (A)UCL1D 1-1Taylor
301/09/2012Harrowby United (A)UCL1W 3-0Taylor 2, Gilsenan
408/09/2012Olney Town (A)UCL1W 1-0Taylor
515/09/2012Fakenham Town  (H)FAVW 4-1Taylor 2, Wisniewski, Newman
618/09/2012Wellingborough Whitworth (H)UCLCUPW 5-3Newman 2, Wisniewski 2, Ellwood
722/09/2012Rothwell Corinthians (A)UCL1W 4-2Ellwood, Gilsenan, Taylor 2
829/09/2012Wellingborough Whitworth (H)JCCL 1-3Gillingwater
906/10/2012Rushden & Higham United (A)UCL1W 4-0Taylor, Merrill, Wisniewski, Campion (o.g.)
1013/10/2012Yaxley (A)FAVW 2-1Ellwood, Morgan
1120/10/2012Burton Park Wanderers (H)UCL1D 1-1Wisniewski
1223/10/2012Bugbrooke St Michaels (H)UCL1D 1-1Morgan
1327/10/2012Eynesbury Rovers (A)UCL1L 1-4Newman 
1403/11/2012Wellingborough Town (A)UCLCUPD 2-2Newman, Morgan
1506/11/2012Raunds Town (H)UCL1W 3-0Gearing, Newman, Hope
1610/11/2012Harrowby United (H)UCL1W 3-2Morgan 2, Newman
1717/11/2012Basford United (H)FAVW 5-3Newman, Morgan 2, Gillingwater, Wisniewski
1808/12/2012Ashington (A)FAVL 1-2Newman
1915/12/2012Milton Keynes Robins (A)UCL1W 9-0Newman (2), Gillingwater, Deakin (2), Gearing, McBride, Allen, Hope
2001/01/2013Northampton Spencer (H)UCL1W 2-1Newman 2
2105/01/2013Oadby Town (A)UCL1L 1-5Taylor
2208/01/2013Rushden & Higham United (H)UCL1W 1-0Taylor
2312/01/2013Northampton ON Chenecks (H)UCL1W 2-0McBride, Lauskinieks (o.g.)
2402/02/2013Wootton Blue Cross (H)UCL1W 5-0Deakin, Newman (3), Dent
2505/02/2013Milton Keynes Robins (H)UCL1W 3-0Newman, Wisniewski, King
2616/02/2013Burton Park Wanderers (A)UCL1W 4-0Newman, Taylor (3)
2719/02/2013Olney Town (H)UCL1W 1-0Gearing
2823/02/2013Bourne Town (A)UCL1W 2-1Gillingwater, Newman
2926/02/2013Northampton Sileby Rangers (A)UCL1W 1-0Deakin
3002/03/2013Thrapston Town (A)UCL1W 5-1Deakin, Gearing, Wisniewski, Taylor, Allen
3105/03/2013Potton United (H)UCL1W 1-0Wisniewski
3209/03/2013Bugbrooke St Michaels (A)UCL1W 3-0King, Wisniewski, Allen
3319/03/2013Northampton Sileby Rangers (H)UCL1D 2-2Deakin, Taylor
3426/03/2013Rothwell Corinthians (H)UCL1W 2-1Wisniewski, Allen
3530/03/2013Oadby Town (H)UCL1D 2-2Taylor, King
3601/04/2013Wellingborough Whitworth (A)UCL1W 3-1Wisniewski, Newman (2)
3706/04/2013Northampton ON Chenecks (A)UCL1W 2-1Deakin, Hope
3813/04/2013Bourne Town (H)UCL1W 5-2Taylor (2), Wisniewski, Newman, Allen
3920/04/2013Raunds Town (A)UCL1W 4-0Taylor, Morgan, McBride, Newman
4023/04/2013Eynesbury Rovers (H)UCL1D 2-2Allen, Brown
4127/04/2013Potton United (A)UCL1W 2-0Newman (2)
4230/04/2013Wellingborough Whitworth (H)UCL1W 4-1Brown, Newman (pen), Wisniewski, Morgan
4304/05/2013Northampton Spencer (A)UCL1W 3-0Hope, Gearing, Deakin
4410/08/2013Deeping Rangers (A)UCLPW 3-2Wisniewski,Taylor, Koriya
4513/08/2013Northampton Sileby Rangers (H)UCLPW 4-0Dunkley, Koriya(3)
4617/08/2013London Colney (A)FACD 1-1Merrill
4720/08/2013London Colney (H)FACW 6-1Dunkley, Taylor,McBride,Gearing (2),Wisniewski
4824/08/2013Sleaford Town (H)UCLPW 5-1Dunkley, Taylor(2), Gearing(pen), Deakin
4928/08/2013Huntingdon Town (A)UCLPL 0-1
5031/08/2013Northwood (A)FACW 2-1Taylor, Gearing
5107/09/2013AFC Dunstable (A)FAVD 1-1Dunkley
5210/09/2013AFC Dunstable (H)FAVW 3-1Dunkley (2),Taylor
5314/09/2013Cockfosters (A)FACD 2-2Taylor, Dunkley
5417/09/2013Cockfosters (H)FACW 8-0Dunkley (5),Koriya, Taylor(2)
5521/09/2013Hoddesdon Town (H)FAVW 5-1Deakin, Dunkley(2), Koriya (2)
5624/09/2013Huntingdon Town (H)UCLCUPL 2-3Gillingwater, O.G.
5728/09/2013Cambridge City (H)FACW 3-2Taylor (2), King
5801/10/2013Wellingborough Town (H)NFAHCL 1-2Allen
5905/10/2013Harborough Town (H)UCLPW 3-1Koriya (pen),King, Allen
6012/10/2013Dover Athletic (A)FACL 1-3Taylor
6115/10/2013Peterborough Northern Star (H)UCLPL 2-3Dunkley, Koriya
6219/10/2013Woodford United (A)FAVW 6-0Dunkley, Liburd,Taylor, Gearing,Koriya (2)
6322/10/2013Desborough Town (A)UCLPW 2-0McBride, Koriya
6426/10/2013Wisbech Town (A)UCLPD 1-1Taylor
6529/10/2013Northampton Sileby Rangers (A)UCLPW 7-1Dunkley, Koriya(2), Deakin,McBride, Taylor(2)
6602/11/2013Peterborough Northern Star (A)UCLPD 1-1Koriya
6705/11/2013Huntingdon Town (H)UCLPL 1-2King
6809/11/2013Cogenhoe United (H)UCLPW 4-2Koriya,McBride,Clarke, Morgan
6912/11/2013Long Buckby (A)UCLPW 1-0Taylor
7016/11/2013AFC Wulfrunians (A)FAVW 4-2Taylor (2),Dunkley,Parkinson
7119/11/2013Yaxley (A)UCLPW 2-1Gearing, Taylor
7223/11/2013Sleaford Town (A)UCLPW 2-1King, Taylor
7326/11/2013Stewarts & Lloyds Corby (H)UCLPW 3-0Gearing, Taylor(2)
7428/11/2013AFC Kempston Rovers (H)UCLPW 3-0Gearing, Taylor,Koriya
7530/11/2013Long Buckby (H)UCLPW 4-1Dunkley,McBride, King,Gearing
7603/12/2013Newport Pagnell Town (H)UCLPW 2-1Deakin, Dunkley
7707/12/2013Graham St Prims (H)FAVW 2-0Gearing,Ellwood
7814/12/2013Spalding United (A)UCLPW 2-1Gearing (pen),Bunting
7921/12/2013Boston Town (A)UCLPL 1-2Deakin
8026/12/2013Wellingborough Town (A)UCLPW 4-1Taylor (2),Parkinson,Dunkley
8111/01/2014Boston Town (H)UCLPW 1-0Koriya
8218/01/2014St Andrews (H)FAVL 0-2
8322/02/2014Holbeach United (A)UCLPW 3-1Gearing (2),Taylor
8425/02/2014Cogenhoe United (A)UCLPD 0-0
8501/03/2014Newport Pagnell Town (A)UCLPW 2-1Dunkley,Bunting
8608/03/2014Holbeach United (H)UCLPW 3-1Koriya, Gearing,Henderson
8711/03/2014Deeping Rangers (H)UCLPL 1-2Parkinson
8815/03/2014AFC Kempston Rovers (A)UCLPW 3-1Harris, Morgan,Parkinson
8918/03/2014Desborough Town (H)UCLPL 1-2Taylor
9022/03/2014Wisbech Town (H)UCLPW 2-1Koriya, Gearing
9129/03/2014Harborough Town (A)UCLPW 6-0Harris, Koriya(2), Joseph (2),Gearing
9205/04/2014Spalding United (H)UCLPL 1-2Lorraine
9311/04/2014Yaxley (H)UCLPW 1-0Joseph
9421/04/2014Wellingborough Town (H)UCLPW 4-1Joseph, Gearing(pen), Lorraine,Dunkley
9526/04/2014Stewarts & Lloyds Corby (A)UCLPW 3-0Joseph,Henderson,Merrill
9612/08/2014Harborough Town (A)UCLPW 2-1Ashton, Koriya
9715/08/2014Oxhey Jets (H)FACW 5-1Koriya (3), O.G., Turner
9823/08/2014Peterborough Northern Star (A)UCLPW 4-1Koriya, Gearing, Confue, Turner
9930/08/2014Bedford Town (H)FACD 1-1Gearing
10002/09/2014Bedford Town (A)FACW 3-0Lorraine, Turner, Gearing
10106/09/2014Harrowby United (A)UCLPW 2-1Henderson, Merrill
10213/09/2014Hendon (A)FACL 0-1
10320/09/2014Yaxley (A)UCLPL 1-2Koriya
10423/09/2014Newport Pagnell Town (A)UCLPW 2-1Lorraine (2)
10527/09/2014Boston Town (H)UCLPW 2-1Koriya (2)
10630/09/2014Burton Park Wanderers (A)UCLCUPW 7-1Confue, Dunkley (2), Turner (3), Lorraine
10704/10/2014Northampton Sileby Rangers (H)UCLPW 8-1Turner (3), Lorraine, Lamb-Johnson, Koriya, Confue, Dolman
10811/10/2014Oadby Town (H)UCLPW 3-0Turner, Lamb-Johnson, Dunkley
10914/10/2014Desborough Town (H)UCLPW 5-0Turner (2), Dunkley (2), Lorraine
11018/10/2014Leicester Nirvana (H)UCLPW 4-1Dunkley, Harris, Joseph, Gearing (p)
11121/10/2014AFC Kempston Rovers (H)UCLPW 5-1O.G., Dunkley, Koriya, Dolman, Lamb-Johnson
11225/10/2014Holbeach United (H)UCLPD 1-1Dolman
11301/11/2014Sleaford Town (A)UCLPW 2-0Bunting, Lorraine
11404/11/2014Brackley Town (H)NFAHCL 3-4Turner, Harris, Joseph
11508/11/2014Wisbech Town (A)UCLPW 3-1Bunting, O.G., Koriya
11615/11/2014Yaxley (H)UCLPD 0-0
11718/11/2014Cogenhoe United (A)UCLPD 1-1Lamb-Johnson
11822/11/2014Hullbridge Sports (A)FAVL 0-1
11925/11/2014Wellingborough Whitworth (A)UCLCUPW 2-1O.G., Confue
12029/11/2014Long Buckby (A)UCLPW 5-1Lorraine, Gearing (2), Turner, Dolman
12102/12/2014Eynesbury Rovers (H)UCLPW 3-0Lorraine (2), Lamb-Johnson
12206/12/2014Boston Town (A)UCLPW 2-1Lorraine, Confue
12313/12/2014Harrowby United (H)UCLPW 5-0Turner, Lorraine, Lamb-Johnson, Confue, Koriya
12420/12/2014Leicester Nirvana (A)UCLPL 1-2Bunting
12501/01/2015Wellingborough Town (A)UCLPW 2-1Joseph, Lorraine
12610/01/2015Oadby Town (A)UCLPL 0-2
12724/01/2015Holbeach United (A)UCLPD 1-1Dunkley
12807/02/2015Deeping Rangers (A)UCLPW 2-1Dolman (2)
12921/02/2015Desborough Town (A)UCLPW 9-0Dolman (4),Dunkley, Ashton,Berwick, Rogers,Confue
13028/02/2015Huntingdon Town (A)UCLPW 7-1Rogers (3),Gearing, Confue,Lorraine, Brown
13107/03/2015Eynesbury Rovers (A)UCLPW 2-1O.G., Gearing
13210/03/2015Yaxley (A)UCLCUPW 1-0Joseph
13324/03/2015AFC Kempston Rovers (A)UCLPW 2-1Harris (2)
13414/04/2015Northampton Sileby Rangers (A)UCLPW 4-1Joseph (2),Gearing (2)
13513/01/2015Harborough Town (H)UCLPW 3-0Turner, Rogers,Joseph
13617/01/2015Sleaford Town (H)UCLPW 3-0Joseph (2),Dunkley
13714/02/2015Peterborough Northern Star (H)UCLPW 2-0Dunkley,Lorraine
13814/03/2015Huntingdon Town (H)UCLPW 6-1Dunkley,Gearing, Rogers,Dolman, Berwick,Confue
13921/03/2015Wisbech Town (H)UCLPD 1-1Harris
14028/03/2015Deeping Rangers (H)UCLPW 1-0Lorraine
14131/03/2015Wisbech Town (H)UCLCUPW 2-1Harris, Turner
14206/04/2015Long Buckby (H)UCLPW 3-1Rogers, Joseph,Gearing
14311/04/2015Wellingborough Town (H)UCLPW 7-0Ashton, Joseph(2), Lorraine,Gearing (pen),Dolman (2)
14418/04/2015Newport Pagnell Town (H)UCLPW 2-0Rogers, Joseph
14525/04/2015Cogenhoe United (H)UCLPD 3-3Lorraine,Gearing (2 pen)
14605/05/2015Potton United (N)UCLCUPW 3-0Gearing,Lorraine, Joseph
14708/08/2015Petersfield Town (H)SFL1CD 1-1Gordon
14811/08/2015St Ives Town (A)SFL1CD 2-2Lorraine, Berwick
14915/08/2015Ware (A)SFL1CD 1-1Hoban
15018/08/2015Aylesbury United (H)SFL1CW 2-1Hoban, Dolman (pen)
15122/08/2015Chalfont St Peter (H)SFL1CW 3-1Berwick, Hoban, Dolman
15229/08/2015Kings Langley (A)FACW 1-0Quigley
15331/08/2015Bedford Town (H)SFL1CW 2-0Quigley, Joseph
15405/09/2015North Greenford United (A)SFL1CW 3-1Berwick, Lamb-Johnson, Joseph
15512/09/2015Bedfont & Feltham (A)FACW 2-1Quigley (2)
15619/09/2015Aylesbury (H)SFL1CW 1-0Lorraine
15726/09/2015Deeping Rangers (A)FACW 3-0Joseph, Lorraine, Berwick
15829/09/2015Kings Langley (A)SFL1CD 1-1Quigley
15903/10/2015Basford United (H)FATL 1-3Lorraine
16010/10/2015Ashton United (H)FACW 2-0Joseph, O.G.
16113/10/2015Histon (H)NPLLCL 1-4Lawless
16217/10/2015Potters Bar Town (H)SFL1CW 3-2Hoban, Lorraine (2)
16320/10/2015Fleet Town (H)SFL1CW 5-2Lorraine (2), Hall, Berwick, Joseph
16424/10/2015Barwell (A)FACD 2-2Dolman (2)
16527/10/2015Barwell (H)FACL 0-1
16631/10/2015Barton Rovers (A)SFL1CW 3-1Hoban, Dolman, Quigley
16703/11/2015Desborough Town (H)NFAHCD 2-2Liversedge, Berwick (W 6-5 on pens)
16814/11/2015Godalming Town (A)SFL1CL 0-1
16918/11/2015Aylesbury United (A)SFL1CW 4-0Hoban, Berwick, Bunting, Ackroyd
17021/11/2015Beaconsfield SYCOB (H)SFL1CD 1-1Berwick
17124/11/2015Leighton Town (H)SFL1CW 7-1Liversedge(4), Lorraine, Berwick, Hoban
17228/11/2015Petersfield Town (A)SFL1CW 1-0Hoban
17305/12/2015Royston Town (H)SFL1CL 1-4Leslie
17408/12/2015Hanwell Town (A)SFL1CW 2-1Berwick, Gordan
17512/12/2015Uxbridge (A)SFL1CW 1-0Bunting
17619/12/2015Chalfont St Peter (A)SFL1CL 0-2
17722/12/2015Egham Town (H)SFL1CL 0-1
17826/12/2015Bedford Town (A)SFL1CW 2-1O.G., Berwick
17909/01/2016Northwood (A)SFL1CD 2-2Harris, Lorraine
18016/01/2016North Greenford United (H)SFL1CW 8-1Richards, Hall(3), Lorraine, Stevenson, Dolman, Leslie
18123/01/2016Aylesbury (A)SFL1CW 4-2Hall, Stevenson, Richards, Hoban
18230/01/2016Beaconsfield SYCOB (A)SFL1CL 0-4
18302/02/2016Brackley Town (H)NFAHCW 2-1Lorraine, Stevenson
18406/02/2016Ware (H)SFL1CW 3-0Hall, Leslie, Stevenson
18509/02/2016Arlesey Town (H)SFL1CW 6-1Leslie, Lorraine, Hall(3), Richards
18613/02/2016Fleet Town (A)SFL1CD 0-0
18716/02/2016St Ives Town (H)SFL1CW 2-0Lorraine, Hoban
18820/02/2016Kings Langley (H)SFL1CL 0-1
18927/02/2016Potters Bar Town (A)SFL1CL 0-1
19012/03/2016Royston Town (A)SFL1CL 0-1
19119/03/2016Uxbridge (H)SFL1CL 1-2Sandy
19226/03/2016Northwood (H)SFL1CD 0-0
19302/04/2016Leighton Town (A)SFL1CW 1-0Lorraine
19405/04/2016Arlesey Town (A)SFL1CL 1-2Sandy
19509/04/2016Hanwell Town (H)SFL1CW 1-0Dolman
19612/04/2016Barton Rovers (H)SFL1CW 4-0Hoban, Stevenson, Lee, Bowen
19719/04/2016Egham Town (A)SFL1CL 0-2
19823/04/2016Godalming Town (H)SFL1CW 2-0Richards, Bowen
19926/04/2016Royston Town (A)SFL1CPOW 2-1Bowen, Dolman (pen)
20002/05/2016St Ives Town (A)SFL1CPOL 1-2Sandy
20105/05/2016Kettering Town (N)NFAHCW 2-1Richards, Ashton
20213/08/2016Newcastle Town (A)NPL1SL 0-1
20316/08/2016Chasetown (H)NPL1SL 1-3Dolman
20420/08/2016Northampton Sileby Rangers (H)FACW 4-3Shariff (3), Dolman
20527/08/2016Carlton Town (A)NPL1SW 3-1Harris, Parsons, Leslie
20629/08/2016Bedworth United (H)NPL1SW 2-0Parsons, Evangelinos
20703/09/2016AFC Hornchurch (H)FACW 2-0Orosz, Shariff
20810/09/2016Gresley (H)NPL1SD 3-3Shariff, Oulton (2)
20917/09/2016Concord Rangers (A)FACW 3-1Bunting, Ashton
21020/09/2016Kettering Town (A)NFAHCL 2-3Brown, Wreh
21124/09/2016Shaw Lane AFC (H)NPL1SD 1-1Dolman
21227/09/2016Romulus (H)NPL1SD 0-0
21301/10/2016Hendon (A)FACL 0-3
21408/10/2016Histon (H)FATD 1-1Lorraine
21511/10/2016Histon (A)FATW 6-1Orosz (2), Lorraine (2), Shariff, Newman
21615/10/2016Sheffield (H)NPL1SW 2-1Shariff (2)
21718/10/2016Belper Town (A)NPL1SW 4-1Evangelinos, Wilson, Orosz, Dolman
21822/10/2016Basford United (H)NPL1SD 2-2Shariff (pen), Lorraine
21929/10/2016Coalville Town (H)FATW 1-0Ashton
22001/11/2016Spalding United (A)NPL1SW 2-1Bunting, Ashton
22105/11/2016Stocksbridge Park Steels (A)NPL1SW 3-2Shariff (2), Evangelinos
22208/11/2016Rugby Town (A)NPL1SD 1-1Evangelinos
22312/11/2016Lincoln United (H)FATD 3-3Leslie, Orosz, Shariff
22415/11/2016Lincoln United (A)FATL 0-2
22519/11/2016Loughborough Dynamo (A)NPL1SW 3-0Lorraine (2), Ford
22626/11/2016Market Drayton Town (H)NPL1SD 1-1Shariff (pen)
22703/12/2016Gresley (A)NPL1SW 2-1Koriya, Dolman
22806/12/2016Corby Town (H)NPLLCW 2-1Dolman (2)
22910/12/2016Lincoln United (H)NPL1SD 1-1Lorraine
23017/12/2016Shaw Lane AFC (A)NPL1SD 1-1Bunting
23120/12/2016Lincoln United (A)NPL1SW 1-0Leslie
23226/12/2016Stamford (H)NPL1SD 1-1Shariff
23302/01/2017Bedworth United (A)NPL1SW 2-1Lorraine, Koriya
23410/01/2017Rugby Town (A)NPLLCW 3-1Farrell (2), Orosz
23514/01/2017Kidsgrove Athletic (H)NPL1SL 2-5Brown, Koriya
23617/01/2017Rugby Town (H)NPL1SW 3-0Lorraine, Koriya, Orosz
23721/01/2017Romulus (A)NPL1SL 2-3Shariff, Lorraine
23828/01/2017Loughborough Dynamo (H)NPL1SW 4-0Curtis (2), Lorraine, O.G.
23931/01/2017Spalding United (H)NPLLCD 0-0-W 6-5(pens)
24004/02/2017Sheffield (A)NPL1SW 2-1Farrell, Lorraine
24111/02/2017Belper Town (H)NPL1SD 0-0
24218/02/2017Kidsgrove Athletic (A)NPL1SW 1-0Lorraine
24321/02/2017Spalding United (H)NPL1SL 1-2Dolman
24425/02/2017Basford United (A)NPL1SL 0-3
24507/03/2017Witton Albion (H)NPL1SL 0-2
24611/03/2017Northwich Victoria (A)NPL1SW 4-1Bowen, Shariff (3)
24714/03/2017Buxton (H)NPLLCL 2-3Lorraine(pen), Shariff(pen)
24818/03/2017Leek Town (H)NPL1SW 2-1Farrell, Shariff
24925/03/2017Market Drayton Town (A)NPL1SL 1-2Shariff
25028/03/2017Witton Albion (A)NPL1SL 0-2
25101/04/2017Northwich Victoria (H)NPL1SW 6-1Bowen (2), Brown-Hill, Shariff (2), Quigley
25204/04/2017Chasetown (A)NPL1SL 1-2Shariff (pen)
25308/04/2017Leek Town (A)NPL1SW 1-0Shariff
25411/04/2017Stocksbridge Park Steels (H)NPL1SL 0-2
25515/04/2017Newcastle Town (H)NPL1SW 1-0Dolman
25617/04/2017Stamford (A)NPL1SD 1-1Shariff
25722/04/2017Carlton Town (H)NPL1SW 5-1Lorraine (3), O.G., Richards
25825/04/2017Witton Albion (A)NPL1SPOL 0-1
25921/07/2016Peterborough (H)NFAMCD 2-2Brown, Orosz (Won 4-2 Pens)
26012/08/2017Hanwell Town (H)SFL1EW 2-0Shariff (2)
26115/08/2017Thame United (A)SFL1EW 3-0Shariff (2), Dolman
26219/08/2017Wellingborough Town (A)FACW 4-0Lorraine (2), Brown, Shariff
26326/08/2017Fleet Town (H)SFL1EW 7-1Shariff (2), Smith (3), Dolman(pen), Hoban
26428/08/2017Kempston Rovers (A)SFL1ED 1-1Gyasi
26502/09/2017Tividale (A)FACW 3-2Shariff (3)
26609/09/2017Beaconsfield Town (H)SFL1EL 1-2Smith
26716/09/2017Alfreton Town (A)FACD 2-2Gyasi, Shariff
26819/09/2017Alfreton Town (H)FACL 1-3Fairlamb
26923/09/2017Arlesey Town (H)SFL1ED 0-0
27027/09/2017AFC Dunstable (A)SFL1EW 3-0Brown, Bunting, Gyasi
27130/09/2017Chalfont St Peter (A)SFL1ED 2-2Gyasi, Dillon
27203/10/2017St Neots Town (H)SLCUPW 1-0Dolman(pen)
27307/10/2017Kidsgrove Athletic (H)FATL 1-3Lorraine
27410/10/2017Wellingborough Whitworth (H)NFAHCW 3-0Shariff (2), Lorraine
27514/10/2017Egham Town (H)SFL1ED 0-0
27617/10/2017Marlow (A)SFL1EW 4-2Farrell (2), Smith (2)
27721/10/2017Hayes & Yeading United (A)SFL1EL 0-1
27824/10/2017Barton Rovers (H)SFL1EW 5-0Farrell (2), Dolman, Shariff, O.G.
27904/11/2017Moneyfields (H)SFL1ED 2-2Dolman(pen), Diamond
28007/11/2017Wellingborough Town (H)NFAHCW 6-1Smith (2), Robbins (3), Bell-Toxtle
28111/11/2017Uxbridge (A)SFL1EW 4-1Robbins (2), Lorraine (2)
28214/11/2017Kettering Town (H)SLCUPW 3-2Diamond, Gyasi (2)
28318/11/2017Northwood (H)SFL1EW 4-0Bunting, Farrell, Brown, Diamond
28425/11/2017Ashford Town (Middlesex) (A)SFL1EW 2-0Lorraine, Robbins
28528/11/2017Cambridge City (H)SFL1EW 2-0Lorraine, Gyasi
28602/12/2017Hartley Wintney (H)SFL1EW 2-0Robbins, Farrell
28706/12/2017Aylesbury United (A)SFL1EW 2-0Lorraine (2)
28823/12/2017Hanwell Town (A)SFL1EW 1-0Lorraine
28926/12/2017Kempston Rovers (H)SFL1EW 3-1Robbins (3)
29001/01/2018Bedford Town (A)SFL1EW 1-0Farrell
29106/01/2018Marlow (H)SFL1ED 0-0
29209/01/2018Hitchin Town (H)SLCUPD 0-0-L 3-4 (pens)
29313/01/2018Fleet Town (A)SFL1EW 4-0Farrell, Diamond, Gyasi, Fairlamb
29416/01/2018Aylesbury (A)SFL1EW 4-0Lorraine, Farrell, Dolman (2)
29527/01/2018Moneyfields (A)SFL1EW 3-1Diamond, Lorraine, Farrell (pen)
29606/02/2018Kettering Town (A)NFAHCD 3-3Robbins (2), Dolman L 4-5 (pens)
29710/02/2018Arlesey Town (A)SFL1EW 2-1Gyasi, Farrell (pen)
29817/02/2018Chalfont St Peter (H)SFL1EW 1-0Lorraine
29924/02/2018Egham Town (A)SFL1EL 1-2Gyasi
30006/03/2018Thame United (H)SFL1EW 6-0Robbins (3), Gyasi, Farrell (2)
30110/03/2018Barton Rovers (A)SFL1EW 2-0Lorraine, Ashton
30220/03/2018Hayes & Yeading United (H)SFL1EL 0-1
30324/03/2018Hartley Wintney (A)SFL1EL 1-2Farrell
30427/03/2018Uxbridge (H)SFL1ED 1-1Weir-Daley
30531/03/2018Beaconsfield Town (A)SFL1ED 1-1Robbins
30607/04/2018Northwood (A)SFL1ED 1-1Gyasi
30710/04/2018Bedford Town (H)SFL1ED 0-0
30814/04/2018Aylesbury United (H)SFL1EW 4-1Robbins, Weir-Daley, Curtis, Lorraine
30917/04/2018AFC Dunstable (H)SFL1EW 1-0Farrell (pen)
31021/04/2018Cambridge City (A)SFL1EW 1-0Gyasi
31124/04/2018Aylesbury (H)SFL1EW 7-1Farrell (3), Gyasi, Dolman, Diamond(2)
31228/04/2018Ashford Town (Middlesex) (H)SFL1EW 1-0Farrell (pen)
31311/08/2018Redditch United (H)SLPDCW 5-2Bowen, Farrell, Diamond (2), Lorraine
31414/08/2018Biggleswade Town (A)SLPDCL 0-1
31518/08/2018Stourbridge (A)SLPDCL 1-2Dean
31625/08/2018Deeping Rangers (A)FACD 1-1Bowen
31727/08/2018St Neots Town (A)SLPDCW 1-0Farrell (pen)
31831/08/2018Tamworth (H)SLPDCD 2-2Lorraine (2)
31904/09/2018Deeping Rangers (H)FACW 3-0Lorraine (2), Westwood
32008/09/2018Hayes & Yeading United (A)FACL 1-2Farrell (pen)
32115/09/2018Royston Town (H)SLPDCL 1-2Bowen
32218/09/2018Peterborough Northern Star (A)NFAHCW 2-0Bowen, Dolman
32329/09/2018St Ives Town (A)SLPDCD 0-0
32402/10/2018Kempston Rovers (A)LCD 2-2OG, Bowen
32506/10/2018Needham Market (A)SLPDCW 5-1Diamond, Bowen, Rogers, Lorraine. Hopkins
32613/10/2018Barwell (H)SLPDCD 1-1Hopkins
32720/10/2018Kings Lynn Town (A)SLPDCD 1-1Rogers
32823/10/2018Coalville Town (H)SLPDCW 3-1Farrell, Rogers, Lorraine
32927/10/2018St Ives Town (H)FATW 2-1Lorraine, Bowen
33003/11/2018Rushall Olympic (H)SLPDCL 0-2
33106/11/2018Northampton ON Chenecks (H)NFAHCW 1-0Diamond
33210/11/2018Witton Albion (A)FATL 0-2
33313/11/2018Hitchin Town (H)SLPDCW 2-1Diamond, Bowen
33417/11/2018Bedworth United (H)SLPDCW 3-1Bowen, Lorraine, Farrell (p)
33520/11/2018Banbury United (A)SLPDCL 0-1
33624/11/2018Lowestoft Town (A)SLPDCD 1-1Farrell (p)
33727/11/2018Halesowen Town (H)SLPDCW 2-0Farrell, Lorraine
33801/12/2018Leiston (A)SLPDCW 4-1Hopkins, Lorraine, Diamond, Farrell(p)
33908/12/2018Alvechurch (A)SLPDCD 0-0
34022/12/2018Redditch United (A)SLPDCD 2-2Rogers, Diamond
34126/12/2018St Neots Town (A)SLPDCW 2-0Lorraine (2)
34229/12/2018Biggleswade Town (H)SLPDCD 3-3Hopkins, Farrell (2p)
34301/01/2019Kettering Town (A)SLPDCL 1-2Hicks
34405/01/2019Hitchin Town (A)SLPDCW 4-3Diamond, Lorraine, Bowen, Johnson
34512/01/2019Lowestoft Town (H)SLPDCD 1-1Farrell(p)
34619/01/2019Bedworth United (A)SLPDCW 3-1Rogers, Lorraine (2)
34726/01/2019Banbury United (H)SLPDCD 1-1Diamond
34805/02/2019Cogenhoe United (H)NFAHCW 6-0Lorraine (3), Rogers, Dean, Bowen
34909/02/2019Kings Lynn Town (H)SLPDCW 1-0Lorraine
35016/02/2019Leiston (H)SLPDCD 1-1Ashton
35119/02/2019Stratford Town (H)SLPDCW 2-0Dolman, Johnson
35223/02/2019Halesowen Town (A)SLPDCW 1-0Diamond
35302/03/2019Alvechurch (H)SLPDCD 1-1Johnson
35409/03/2019Stratford Town (A)SLPDCL 0-1
35511/03/2019Rushall Olympic (A)SLPDCL 0-2
35616/03/2019Needham Market (H)SLPDCW 2-1Rogers, Bowen
35723/03/2019Barwell (A)SLPDCD 1-1Diamond
35830/03/2019Royston Town (H)SLPDCD 0-0
35902/04/2019Brackley Town (N)NFAHCD 0-0Title awarded to Diamonds
36006/04/2019St Ives Town (A)SLPDCD 0-0
36113/04/2019Stourbridge (H)SLPDCL 1-2Hicks
36220/04/2019Coalville Town (A)SLPDCL 0-5
36322/04/2019Kettering Town (H)SLPDCL 0-1
36427/04/2019Tamworth (A)SLPDCD 1-1Hicks
36530/07/2019Northampton Town XI (H)NFAMCL 1-2Ashton
36610/08/2019Barwell (A)SLPDCW 2-0Dolman, Ashton
36713/08/2019Leiston (H)SLPDCW 5-1Collard, Lorraine (2), Acquaye, Hicks
36817/08/2019Nuneaton Borough (H)SLPDCW 2-0McDonald, Johnson
36924/08/2019Stratford Town (A)SLPDCL 1-3OG
37026/08/2019St Ives Town (H)SLPDCW 1-0Collard
37131/08/2019Redditch United (A)SLPDCD 1-1Dove
37207/09/2019Enfield Town (A)FACL 0-1
37314/09/2019Royston Town (H)SLPDCD 1-1Collard
37416/09/2019Hitchin Town (A)SLPDCD 1-1Ashton
37528/09/2019Hednesford Town (A)SLPDCD 1-1Acquaye
37601/10/2019Corby Town (H)SLCUPW 3-2Bowen, Akubuine, Slinn
37705/10/2019Bromsgrove Sporting (H)SLPDCL 2-8Dove, Bowen
37812/10/2019Coalville Town (H)SLPDCL 0-3
37915/10/2019Tamworth (A)SLPDCL 0-3
38019/10/2019Rushall Olympic (A)SLPDCD 1-1Dolman
38122/10/2019Banbury United (H)SLPDCW 2-1MacLeod, Roberts
38226/10/2019Banbury United (H)FATD 0-0
38329/10/2019Banbury United (A)FATW 2-1Lorraine, MacLeod
38402/11/2019Biggleswade Town (A)SLPDCL 1-3Hicks (pen)
38509/11/2019South Shields (A)FATL 0-4
38612/11/2019Yaxley (H)SLCUPW 4-0Gosnal-Tyler, Hicks, Acquaye (2)
38716/11/2019Alvechurch (A)SLPDCW 2-1Shariff, Lorraine
38819/11/2019Brackley Town (H)NFAHCL 0-2
38923/11/2019Lowestoft Town (H)SLPDCW 3-0Shariff, MacLeod, Slinn
39030/11/2019Stourbridge (H)SLPDCW 3-2Lorraine, Acquaye, Ashton
39103/12/2019Needham Market (H)SLCUPL 1-2Dove
39207/12/2019Kings Langley (A)SLPDCL 0-1
39321/12/2019Bromsgrove Sporting (A)SLPDCD 0-0
39401/01/2020St Ives Town (A)SLPDCW 4-3Shariff, Kaziboni, Reynolds, Dolman
39504/01/2020Barwell (H)SLPDCW 3-1Akubuine, Ashton, Lorraine
39611/01/2020Leiston (A)SLPDCW 3-2OG, Kaziboni, Dolman
39718/01/2020Stratford Town (H)SLPDCW 4-2Akubuine, Acquaye, Dolman, Farrell
39821/01/2020Hednesford Town (H)SLPDCD 1-1Dove
39925/01/2020Nuneaton Borough (A)SLPDCW 1-0Farrell (pen)
40028/01/2020Needham Market (H)SLPDCL 1-2Farrell (pen)
40101/02/2020Redditch United (H)SLPDCW 3-0Lorraine, Dolman, Shariff
40222/02/2020Coalville Town (A)SLPDCL 0-1
40307/03/2020Banbury United (A)SLPDCL 1-2Gyasi
40419/09/2020Nuneaton Town (A)SLPDCD 1-1Smith(p)
40522/09/2020Newark (H)FACL 0-5
40626/09/2020Barwell (H)SLPDCD 1-1Slinn
40729/09/2020Hitchin Town (H)SLPDCW 7-1Wreh(4), Collard, Smith, Akubuine
40806/10/2020Leiston (A)SLPDCD 2-2Lorraine, Smith(p)
40910/10/2020Bromsgrove Rovers (A)SLPDCL 0-1
41017/10/2020Hednesford (H)SLPDCW 2-1Smith(p), Fairlamb
41124/10/2020Coalville Town (A)SLPDCL 1-4Hughes
41208/12/2020Peterborough Sports (H)FATL 1-5Collard
41317/08/2021Banbury United (H)SLPDCL 0-2
41421/08/2021Coalville Town (H)SLPDCW 2-1Dolman, Gyasi
41528/08/2021Bromsgrove Sporting (A)SLPDCL 1-2Smith
41630/08/2021Peterborough Sports (H)SLPDCL 0-1
41704/09/2021Coalville Town (A)FACL 2-5Tshikina, Williams
41811/09/2021Nuneaton Borough (A)SLPDCW 1-0Diamond
41914/09/2021Needham Market (A)SLPDCD 2-2Akubuine, Collard
42022/09/2021Northampton ON Chenecks (A)NFAHCW 3-0Lorraine, Jones (2)
42125/09/2021Hitchin Town (H)SLPDCW 2-1Shamsi, Collard
42228/09/2021Royston Town (H)SLPDCL 1-3Akubuine
42305/10/2021Peterborough Sports (A)SLCUPL 1-4Lorraine
42409/10/2021Stourbridge (A)SLPDCD 1-1Furlong
42512/10/2021Rushall Olympic (H)SLPDCD 1-1Shamsi
42616/10/2021Alvechurch (H)SLPDCL 1-2Diamond
42719/10/2021Barwell (H)SLPDCL 0-1
42823/10/2021Biggleswade Town (H)SLPDCD 0-0
42926/10/2021Stratford Town (A)SLPDCW 2-1Shamsi, Hughes
43030/10/2021Matlock Town (A)FATL 1-2Shamsi
43106/11/2021Hednesford Town (A)SLPDCW 3-2Hughes, Shamsi, Jones
43209/11/2021Kettering Town (H)NFAHCD 1-1Deacon
43316/11/2021Leiston (A)SLPDCL 1-2Tshikuna
43420/11/2021Redditch United (H)SLPDCW 1-0Tshikuna
43523/11/2021Lowestoft Town (H)SLPDCW 3-1Deacon (2), Tshikuna
43604/12/2021Hitchin Town (A)SLPDCW 2-1Diamond, Deacon
43711/12/2021Stratford Town (H)SLPDCL 1-3Tshikuna
43814/12/2021Tamworth (A)SLPDCW 1-0Dolman
43918/12/2021Royston Town (A)SLPDCW 2-1Deacon, Tshikuna (pen)
44001/01/2022St Ives Town (H)SLPDCW 4-0Tshikuna (2), Deacon, Akubuine
44115/01/2022Banbury United (A)SLPDCL 0-2
44218/01/2022Needham Market (H)SLPDCW 2-0Collard, Deacon
44322/01/2022Alvechurch (A)SLPDCW 2-1Dolman, Deacon
44429/01/2022Stourbridge (H)SLPDCW 2-0Collard, Tshikuna
44505/02/2022Rushall Olympic (A)SLPDCL 0-2
44608/02/2022Bugbrooke (H)NFAHCW 2-1George, Jones
44712/02/2022Barwell (A)SLPDCW 2-1Deacon (2)
44826/02/2022Hednesford Town (H)SLPDCW 1-0Collard
44905/03/2022Lowestoft Town (A)SLPDCW 3-2Furlong, Hughes, Tshikuna
45015/03/2022Peterborough Sports (A)SLPDCL 1-2OG
45119/03/2022Tamworth (H)SLPDCD 2-2Diakiesse, Bush
45226/03/2022Redditch United (A)SLPDCW 3-1Akubuine, Collard (2)
45329/03/2022Biggleswade Town (A)SLPDCD 0-0
45402/04/2022Leiston (H)SLPDCD 3-3Graham, Tshikina, Akubuine
45509/04/2022Coalville Town (A)SLPDCD 2-2Graham (2)
45612/04/2022Peterborough Sports (N)NFAHCL 0-2
45716/04/2022Bromsgrove Sporting (H)SLPDCW 2-1Jones, Furlong
45818/04/2022St Ives Town (A)SLPDCL 0-1
45923/04/2022Nuneaton Borough (H)SLPDCL 0-1
46016/07/2022Cogenhoe United (A)NFAHCD 1-1Cooper
46106/08/2022Needham Market (H)SLPDCD 0-0
46313/08/2022Basford United (A)SLPDCL 1-2Casey
46316/08/2022Hitchin Town (H)SLPDCL 1-2OG
46420/08/2022Alvechurch (A)SLPDCL 0-2
46527/08/2022Ilkeston Town (H)SLPDCD 1-1Tee
46629/08/2022St Ives Town (A)SLPDCL 1-3Agemoh-Davies
46704/09/2022Enfield FC (A)FACL 1-2Connor
46813/09/2022Stratford Town (A)SLPDCL 0-2
46924/09/2022Barwell (A)SLPDCW 2-1Ngwa, Hicks
47027/09/2022Coalville Town (H)SLPDCL 0-7
47101/10/2022Hednesford Town (A)SLPDCL 0-5
47208/10/2022Tamworth (H)FATL 0-4
47311/10/2022Nuneaton Borough (H)SLPDCW 2-1Hughes, Cooper
47415/10/2022Redditch United (H)SLPDCL 0-2
47522/10/2022Mickleover Sports (A)SLPDCL 0-2
47625/10/2022Leiston (A)SLPDCL 1-5Kanga
47729/10/2022Bromsgrove Sporting (H)SLPDCD 1-1Empochontsif
47805/11/2022Kings Langley (H)SLPDCW 4-2Hicks, Kanga, Tee, Manangu
47912/11/2022Royston Town (A)SLPDCL 1-2Ngwa
48019/11/2022Stourbridge (H)SLPDCL 1-3Connor
48121/11/2022Hitchin Town (A)SLPDCL 1-2Corden
48226/11/2022Rushall Olympic (A)SLPDCL 1-3Abimbola
48303/12/2022Alvechurch (H)SLPDCL 0-2
48406/12/2022Tamworth (H)SLPDCL 1-3Dawkins