Membership survey coming soon

Hopefully you will by now be aware of the recently published AFC Rushden and Diamonds Strategic Plan 2020-2025. This sets out the club’s ambitions for the next five years and aims in part to assess the feedback from members as a key component.

As part of the club’s continuing commitment to it’s membership , we are keen to find out about your experiences as a member of AFC Rushden and Diamonds.

The AFC Rushden and Diamonds Membership Questionnaire will give you as a member the opportunity to tell us about your experiences, and what being a member of AFC Rushden and Diamonds means to you.

You’ll have the opportunity to give your opinions on things such as member benefits,   AFC member forums, knowledge of club strategy, communication and overall value for money of your membership.

As a member, your opinions and feedback about the club membership experience are an integral part of the Strategic Plan, the implementation of which will ensure the long-term success of the club both on and off the field.

Look out for the AFC Rushden and Diamonds Membership Questionnaire coming soon, and thank you in advance for helping to shape the future of our club.

AFC Rushden & Diamonds

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