Historic first Board Meeting

The newly elected AFC Rushden & Diamonds board met for the first time on Wednesday 14th March and the afcdiamonds.com cameras were there to capture the historic moment.

Once the formalities of electing a chairman, secretary and vice chairman were complete, the task of building on what has been achieved so far started. A number of issues were discussed including potential co-options to the new board of which news will be announced in due course. The board will meet again before the end of March at this critical time in the club’s development.

The new AFC R&D board will operate an ‘open meeting’ policy whereby any AFC R&D Member can attend a board meeting if they wish to discuss a specific issue which they feel cannot be addressed by other means (e.g. members forum, fans representatives). Board meetings are held at least once every month – if you are an AFC R&D Member and would like to attend the next meeting, please get in touch with secretary@afcdiamonds.com, call 07986 358973 or write to us (“FAO The Secretary”) including a brief description of the issue that you would like to raise.

The board would also like to extend their thanks to minutes secretary Kay for her continued hard work.

AFC Rushden & Diamonds

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