New Board Member: David Taylor

The Board of AFC Rushden & Diamonds are pleased to confirm that we have co-opted another member this past week. David Taylor will be re-joining the Board to continue spearheading the New Home project, ensuring the project continues more or less unaffected by recent changes within the Club.

David has many years of experience overseeing projects and operations in his professional life as well as serving both Rushden & Diamonds FC and AFC Rushden & Diamonds in the recent past. David spoke to of his delight at re-joining the Board of Directors: “Having spent some time with members of the Board recently to explain all the previous work undertaken developing the New Home project, including working with some of the Club’s key stakeholders, we all agreed that this exciting project was pivotal for the future of AFC Rushden & Diamonds. I was delighted to be asked to join the Board and take the project forward and look forward to helping colleagues old and new as they continue to safeguard the Club.”

Meetings have continued to be held between various stakeholders over the past few weeks and months to ensure that everybody is up to speed on the progress achieved to-date. We can confirm that the New Home committee has been re-formed, consisting of David Taylor, Rob Usher, Alex Raspin, David Kalicki, Brett Abbott and Mario Colabuono. The committee works to a strict Terms of Reference to ensure that the Club’s interests are fully protected.

Vice Chairman Alex Raspin commented on David’s return to the Board: “David is both so invested and knowledgeable about the project that we collectively felt it was almost impossible for any of us to step in at this stage and lead the project as effectively as David could. This could of course have been done in an unofficial capacity but would have left David without the autonomy to genuinely lead the charge. Upon learning that David was keen to continue both head heading this up and re-establishing the New Home committee, the discussion around the board table regarding co-option was a brief one. His continued involvement ensures vital continuity as we strive towards a more prosperous future for the Club.”

“As a fan first and foremost and a fan that has felt for years that the new home is nothing but a pipe dream, I know that the wider AFC Rushden & Diamonds community is interested to know the latest developments regarding this project. As members of the New Home committee, we will ensure that communication to members continues, via specific updates and Forums/AGM presentations, on the ongoing state of play and plans for the future.”

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