New Stand Sponsorship – Sold Out!

AFC Rushden & Diamonds are delighted to announce that all 150 seats in our new stand have now been sponsored. This amazing achievement shows what great support the Club has and plays a significant part in us achieving out £30k fundraising target. You can follow the progress of the campaign by viewing the totaliser on the front page of the website. To date we have raised £17,772.

Missed out? You can still donate to our ground grading fundraising campaign at the Club Shop. or using the link below 

Cheques should be made out to AFC Rushden & Diamonds CBS


Below is a list of all seat sponsorships. We would ask anyone that has sponsored a seat to check the wording for their plaque and email if you wish to make any amendments by Sunday 17/03/19. the plaques will then be sent to the supplier for engraving. 

Seat No AllocatedName on seat
A1Simon Ingall
A2Sherril Ingall
A3The Safety Team
A4Mike Beeby
A5Alan Edwards
A6Mal Swinden photography
A7Jaimie Cunnington 
A8Mark Hedges
A9Nicky Harris
A10James Graham 10th September 1920 – January 28th 2014
A11John Reynolds
A12Robert Reyolds
A13Triad Global Solutions
A14Mark Bird
A15Graham Marks 
A16Savannah Whiteman – No.1 Fan
A17The Artle Knockers
A18Lynne Bygrave
A19Clive Bygrave
A20Jean Goodey
A21Barry Goodey 
A22Tim Sams
A23The Bell Little Addington 
A24The Bell Little Addington 
A25Brownie Senior 
A26Mitch Parrish
A27Allan M Abbott lifelong supporter
A28Judith Coton
A29Ollie Emberton 
A30Grand prize draw winner
B1In loving Memory of Yvonne Grant
B2Amy Botterill
B3Enjoy the view. Steve & Karen 
B4The Gibbs Family
B5(Line 1) Peter Arrowsmith (line 2) First visit September 1967
B6Ken Ward
B7Sam Howat
B8The Butler family
B9Peter Cox
B10James Waller
B11David Bland
B12Alex Bland
B13Landis Family, Indiana USA
B14We are Sparta FC
B15Graham Hurford
B16The Longstaff Family
B17J seat symbol (or Jacobs seat)
B18Greg Johnson
B19John Goodale
B21Stacey Copus
B22 In loving memory of Andrew Britchford
B23Kevin Stanley
B24J Butterfield
B25Billy Sharp
B26Ampthill Diamond
B27Chris Barrett
B28Macron Store Northamptonshire J Ward
B29Ian Foreman 
B30Phil Maddock 22.08.1951 – 19.05.2009
C1Dave Smart
C2John M Graham
C3In loving memory of Evelyn Major
C4The Banyard Family
C5Kevin Bettles 
C6John Gregory
C7Zena Gregory
C8Ed Bailey
C9Bob Os
C12AFC Rushden & Diamonds Bansang Gambia Branch
C13Kay Gillespie
C14Jennifer Albon
C15Brett Abbott
C16Sam Griggs
C17Stephen Griggs
C18Max Griggs
C19Ross Cotton
C20In Loving Memory of Ian Cotton
C21Bradley Cotton
C22Sidney Saunders With Love
C23Matt Ward
C24Paul Freeman
C25Terry Freeman
C26Kit Dzeryn
C27Phil Dzeryn
C28Christine Green
C29John Green
C30Brendan Green
D1Dales Bar
D2Paul Belbin
D4Tony Jones
D5Ian Bowmaker 
D6In loving memory of Keith Frankham
D7Ralph Burditt 
D8Jim Playle
D9Tony Brown
D10In memory of Deryck Clayton
D11Member No.1
D12Rod Palmer
D13Jason West
D14Henry Johnson
D15Oliver Johnson
D16Trevor de Neumann
D17Alan Cheasman
D18Roger Paterson
D19Judy Smith
D20Graham Smith
D21Robert Langley
D22Turnstile Team 
D23Roy Linsell
D24Margaret Linsell
D25Oliver S Healey
D26Keith Dales
D27Keith Timpson
D28Mat Hollis
D29Michelle Hale
D30Ellie Lee
E2The Raspins
E3The Rust Family
E4Emily Gardner
E5Phil Hayes
E6Roger Knight
E7Cynthia Dix
E8David Kitchen NFA
E9Dale Jeffs
E10Del Boy
E11Michael Corbyn – UCL Champions 1963/1964
E12Kathryn Staff
E13Dave & Tom Robbins
E14Barrie and Torlot
E15Liam & Matthew
E16The Rotary Club of Rushden
E19David Kitchen NFA
E20A.R Armstrong
E21S.B Armstrong
E22S.A Armstrong
E23R.J Armstrong 
E24Colin & Kay Webber
E25Remembering Paul Woods
E26Angela Donaldson
E27Lovaine Donaldson
E28Ezra Kelly 08/02/2019
E29Michele Edmunds
E30Lee Pickering