Post Election Report

As members may recall, there were four valid nominations for election to the Club Board as a result of the three existing board members required to stand down and one vacancy caused by the resignation of Jonathan Birt outside of the election cycle with their terms taking effect from the next Annual General Meeting of the society.

Since no election was triggered, it has been agreed by the board ahead of the AGM to release the election statements (if submitted) and a photo of each candidate so that members can familiarise themselves with those candidates that they might not know and also the aims and reasons for each candidate standing for the board.

Ralph Burditt,  nominated by John Gregory seconded by Jon Ward

I have Chaired AFC Rushden & Diamonds for almost ten years and have been fortunate enough to be elected to the Board on three occasions. During this time, working with my colleagues on the Board and many other wonderful AFC R&D staff and volunteers, we have achieved many things, not least joining the football pyramid and being promoted from Step 6 to Step 3.

We have also achieved a great deal off the pitch, including evolving an administrative structure from our initial 2011 working group, to the new Governance Structure recently adopted by the Board. During this time, a lot has changed in my own life as well as at the Club, for example I am currently studying for an MSc in Strategic Leadership. As a result of these changes, I will need to step away from Chairing AFC R&D in the future.

I am therefore asking for your vote for election to the Board for one more year only, in order to allow me to work on consolidating the Club’s position by finding new volunteers and potential election candidates to work with the Board and to enable a smooth transition to a new Chair.

Stacey Hawkins, nominated by Teresa Hales seconded by Scott Carlin

I feel incredibly lucky to have been elected to the Board of our football club 3 times over the last 10 years and would ask for your vote once again this year. Over the last 10 years, I have, and continue to, work with the very special people – Board members, staff, members and supporters – who have helped our Club become what it is today. Together, we are a formidable team that has achieved many things and we remain ambitious to move on to the next step.

It has not always been easy; the past year has been incredibly challenging but we have continued to move forward with a new Board organisational structure, a new, improved player pathway and plans for our new home. The work continues and, as a ‘doer,’ I strongly believe in doing a job well and seeing it through to its conclusion. I am a team player, clear headed, ambitious, fair minded yet assertive when needed, and I am not afraid of making difficult decisions or of taking on new ideas.

The skills and experience I will bring to the Board will enable me to continue to contribute towards shaping the long-term future of our Club

Roger Paterson, nominated by Jim Playle seconded by Ian White

This is a very exciting time for our club, football is starting up again after the pandemic, the new ground is on the horizon and hopefully, we are all getting back to some sort of normality. The guys currently involved in the board have done and continue to do an incredible job. To get the club where it is in such a relatively short time since we have been existence is nothing short of phenomenal and, I know from experience that they do not get enough thanks for what they do.

It is a shame but, inevitable that at times and for whatever reason, this support for the club cannot continue and unfortunately, this is where we are at with a few board members at this moment in time. The fortunate thing with this though is, it does open opportunities for someone like me to jump into the hot seat with fresh eyes and hopefully some fresh ideas.

I have been a supporter of our football club since the very early days and hold it deep within me. Anyone who had an association with the club for that long knows that the highs and lows have been extreme and because of this the affiliation will always be there for all of us.

I relish the chance of helping in anyway I can the continued success of AFC Rushden & Diamonds.

Come on you whites.

Matthew Ward, nominated by James Waller seconded by Ray Burling

AFC Rushden & Diamonds

One Fan, ONE vote, one community, one club

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