Rule Changes For 2019/20 Season

A number of changes to the laws of the game have been introduced for the 2019/20 season. These came into force from 1st June, and were first seen in the Women’s World Cup.

They are detailed on the Referee’s Association website here.

They affect the following areas

  • Dropped ball (inc. uncontested rule)
  • Free Kicks (inc. defensive wall rule)
  • Goal Celebrations
  • Goal Kick (inc. ball not needing to leave area rule)
  • Handball (inc. certain accidental occurrences now being free kicks)
  • Kick-Off 
  • Medical Breaks
  • Penalty Kick (inc. Goalkeeper must have one foot on goal-line)
  • Players’ Equipment 
  • Quick free kick and YC/RC (inc. allowing retrospective cards)
  • Substitutes (inc. leaving field at nearest point)
  • Team Officials (inc. possible yellow cards for team officials)