Sam Brown gives an AFC R&D “Au Revoir”

Sam Brown was interviewed by AFCRDTV after his last game this season before his extended break abroad. He was firstly asked about joining the club – “I went to the first trial for the new club, where there were 50 or so players, so I wasn’t sure I’d be signed, but got the call from Starms (Mark Starmer) who said he wanted me to sign, so I did, and haven’t looked back since then. I’ve really enjoyed it, enjoying playing in front of this many fans – it was a bit of a surprise walking out in front of so many, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.”

After discussing his goals, Sam was asked about how much the team might miss his long throws, given how many “assists” they have been credited with. Sam commented “Claudiu tells us he has a long throw too, but perhaps it is something we do overuse, and perhaps there may be a few short ones now, but it has been something we’ve been able to use when we’ve need it.”

Sam was then asked about his trip – he leaves on Wednesday for six weeks in New Zealand, followed by an indefinite stay in Australia, before stopping off in Asia on the way back, money permitting, possibly getting back for the start of next season, but definitely by Christmas. “I’ll definitely be talking to Peaksy when I get back, as well as trying to get back some fitness which might take a while, but I definitely intend to come back and play some part next season. I’ve got nothing planned football-wise whilst I’m away but I might have a chat with Jammers (Jamal Clarke) who is playing out there.”

Sam was then asked to pick out some highlights of his time with the club. “The best memory was probably winning the league last year – it was a massive achievement to get out of the UCL, and something all the lads had worked hard for during a long tough season”. He was asked about his memorable goal against Eynesbury which he felt was one of his favourite personal moments for the club.

Sam commented on how he and the team are impressed that even after the step up the club still has such a strong away following which helps the team every week, and so ended with “a massive thanks to all of the fans over the past few years – it’s been really good”.


Picture courtesy of Malcolm Swinden Photography Copyright Mal Swinden ©2016