Southern League Statement – FA Ratify League Conclusion Decision

The Southern League published the following statement on Friday 10th April 2020 – link here.

The Football Association Council has ratified the decision to effectively cancel the 2019/20 season for sections of the non-League, women’s and grassroots game.

It was announced last month that the unfinished campaigns for divisions beneath the National League’s three tiers, as well as steps three to seven of the women’s game would be expunged.

That caused considerable pushback from those involved, with clubs, administrators and MPs calling on the FA to think again, but the decision has now been rubber-stamped.

A statement from the game’s governing body read: “The FA Council has today ratified the decision to conclude the 2019/20 season across Steps 3-7 of the National League System, Tiers 3 to 7 of the women’s football pyramid and the wider grassroots game.

“Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the FA has been working collaboratively with the leagues within the National League System , the Women’s Football Board, the Women’s Football Conference, and the wider grassroots game to identify the most appropriate way to conclude the 2019/20 season at each level. 

“The request to end the 2019/20 season was taken to the FA Council by the representatives of the relevant committees having been fully supported by the FA Board.

“The FA Council’s vote today was overwhelmingly in favour of ratifying the decision.”


This link will take you to the FA statements:


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