Turnstile Access at the Dog & Duck

Ahead of the historic first senior fixture for AFC Rushden & Diamonds on Saturday afternoon there are a number of pre-match updates to help make the day run as smoothly as possible, as well as answers to a number of questions that have been raised. To help people through the turnstiles as quickly as possible the following guidelines have been published. See here for an earlier update regarding car parking.

 Turnstile Access

It would really help make things run more smoothly before the game if all AFC R&D cardholders, including those members paying cash at the turnstiles, as well as season ticket / match ticket / programme pre-pay card holders, bring along their cards and use the designated card holders turnstile – the one on the left (there will be signs up).

 This will help greatly as it will help spread those paying cash through both turnstiles, with members paying cash going through this dedicated turnstile, and all other cash payments at the other – thus avoiding a disproportionate queue at one entrance. It means those with cards can “swipe in” whether paying cash or not – which will also help for several reasons – we won’t have to count how many people go through that turnstile as it will be recorded, we’ll also know what mix of Adults/Under 16s there are and be able to see statistics such as what percentage of members were there etc.

The message is therefore “please bring your membership card”.

For those of you that have recently ordered and are waiting for them we do have a pile of envelopes ready for distribution, so please ask at the cardholders turnstile it may well be there waiting for you.

For those who have only become a member (or renewed their membership)  in the last couple of days then we are unlikely to have your card ready, but we will have a manual list off to allow which wil have been created from our database as of Friday night.

As ever, new members and season ticket holders are always welcome – see here for ticket details, and here for membership.

The turnstiles will be open in good time on Saturday (approx 1:30pm) for fans to attend the official opening of the new Peter De Banke Terrace at 2:15pm as detailed here.