UCL News – Transfer Deadline and Season End Date

The most recent Fixture Bulletin from the ChromaSport and Trophies United Counties League has two items of specific interest ahead of the regular UCL Newsletter (which are published on this website once available).

Transfer Deadline

The following wording appears: “No transfers of player registrations will be permitted after 5 p.m. on Sunday 31st March. Clubs may continue to sign players not already registered in the competition after that date.”

Season Conclusion

With the number of postponed games so late into the season, following the earlier postponements before and after Christmas, the league has now set dates for some UCL Division 1 fixtures after what might have been perceived as the final day of the season on Saturday 4th May. Although this does not currently affect AFC R&D, there are six games scheduled for Tuesday 7th May, and one for Wednesday 8th. Full details appear in the fixtures section on the UCL Website.