Update and EGM

The Board is disappointed to advise supporters that, following Saturday’s match, Chris McCormack has resigned from the Club Board. At the time that Chris and Matt Ward were announced as Co-Chairs it was agreed that should one of them resign from the position, the other would follow and so, Matt has, in turn, also resigned his position of Co-Chair but remains on the Board as Treasurer for the time being.

In the last week, the Board has received resignations from Scott Stapley and, as noted in the recent manager statement, Richard Maxwell. The net effect, therefore, is that there are currently 5 Board members – David Bland, David Kalicki, Roger Paterson, Matt Ward and Stacey Hawkins. This means that the Board is currently not working within the terms of the constitution, which states that the Board should consist of no less than 6 members and no more than 12 (Rule 59).

Following the announcement of the new manager and comments received from members and supporters at the match on Saturday as well as those on both the Members’ and unofficial forums, the Club Board will, in accordance with Rule 32 of our constitution, convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society to be held on Wednesday, 2nd November – both time and location to be confirmed.

The business of the meeting will be to inform members of the current situation at the Club and to formulate a way forward for our football club. It is anticipated that the meeting will be chaired by an independent person chosen by the Board, in accordance with Rule 42 of the constitution.

Members can expect to receive an email in the coming days with full details and those members for whom we do not hold an email address will be advised by post.

In the meantime, the Board intends to publish, on the Members’ Area of the Club website, full un-redacted minutes of last week’s meeting at which the new first team manager was appointed. These will be published as soon as they are available.