Club Working Groups

“There are so many ways you can get involved with the Club.  In addition to Volunteer vacancies a number of Working Groups are now established and welcome new members.  If you think you can help the Club in any way no matter how small, now would be a great time” (Alex Raspin Vice-Chair and Commercial Director)

Volunteer Working Group

The Volunteer Working Group was formed from the ‘Volunteer Open Evening’ held late 2022.  The aim of this Group is to both support the recruitment of volunteers to support the Club in any way you can but also to provide support, training and recognition of our volunteers.

The working group members are:

Lorraine Brown (VWG Lead)
Tim Sams (Supporters’ Liaison Officer)
Rob Lee
Jim Stopps

Commercial Working Group

Purpose: To help release the commercial potential of our Club, working in partnership with local and national businesses to drive growth via various advertising and reward channels.

Contact Alex Raspin:
Contact Matt Taylor:

Membership Working Group

Purpose: To ensure that the membership offering serves to allow the voice of our part-owners to be heard throughout the Club, championing the right for a say on issues that truly influence the future direction of the Club.

Contact Rob Usher:

Community Working Group

Purpose: To help the Club create better relationships within the local community and create more awareness of the Club encouraging new supporters through the gates. To strengthen our relationships with our Community teams and encourage involvement in our match day experience.


Comms/Media Working Group

Purpose: To ensure that supporters are readily provided with up-to-date information concerning the Club. To broaden the Club’s online presence through the expanded use of social media channels.

Contact David Kalicki: