Vote now! – Home and Away Kit 2022-24

Kit Options

We are delighted to announce the Home and Away kit options for 2022/24.
There are 3 different designs, across different price points for you to choose from.
As with previous seasons all Adult/Concession Members are eligible to vote.

There have also been significant increases in costs from all our suppliers. In this case we were faced with increases in excess of 15% but through focused, independent negotiations we have managed to keep the increase down to under inflation. Furthermore we have negotiated an additional rebate scheme based on annual sales of shirts and a promotion for the start of the 2022-23 season that will offer free name and number printing for orders placed in June 2022.

Voting options for 2022-24

Shirt options

  1. Open design (H2 and H3) – is a fully sublimated custom design which can be any design we choose or make up. Lead time is 60 days.
  2. Fixed design (H1, A2 and A3)- is a fully sublimated custom design based on a Macron template and the colours are changed to match the Club’s requirements. Lead time is 60 days.
  3. Off the shelf (A1) – is a standard Macron design held in the Macron warehouse onto which we decorate with sponsors, embroidered badge and playing numbers at the local store.

Note: The Tureis is a 100% recycled Eco shirt and so is only available as that type.


Open design (H2 and H3) – Junior guide price £44, Senior £53

Fixed design (H1, A2 and A3) – Junior guide price £40, Senior £49.99

Off the shelf design(s) (A1) – Junior guide price £41, Senior £49.99

Note: All guide prices are for purchase of the individual shirts. Member’s discount of 10% is also available.

Vote now!

Diamonds Members are now able to vote by logging into the Members’ Area of the website and going to the ‘Vote’ tab. If you need help logging on please email

If you would like to join as a AFCRD Member JOIN HERE.

Please cast 1 vote for each ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ designs you would prefer, from H1, H2 and H3 for the home design and A1, A2 and A3 for the away design. See above for design options.

Please note that all votes must be received by Wednesday, 30th March 2022.


Although we do not have details of the start of the football season, we are basing everything we do on a normal start date and combining that with the shirt ordering timescales. Therefore, we expect to have the shirts in stock for August.

Club Official Sponsors

Members are reminded that, in all the shirt examples, details of the various Club Sponsors are currently omitted. As usual once the commercial details are confirmed the appropriate sponsor details will be added to the chosen shirt. This includes the Main Shirt Sponsor (front), back of Shirt Sponsor and Sleeve Sponsor.